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What players were you most surprised with in 2013?

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Yesterday, we discussed some players who disappointed our fantasy teams in 2013. Today, we share the biggest surprises from 2013.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Like yesterday, I am looking for you, our loyal Fake Teams readers, to share with us the players who surprised you the most in 2013. Which player(s) exceeded your expectations this season. Here is a list of a few guys off the top of my head, some of whom are still playing baseball:

Francisco Liriano

Yasiel Puig

Jose Fernandez

Josh Donaldson

John Lackey

Ubaldo Jimenez

Joe Kelly

Brandon Moss

You can list players who exceeded expectations, or were a big part in your fantasy success in 2013. Please share your thoughts in the comments section, and explain your reasoning should you have the time.

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