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Alfonso Soriano: Turning back the clock

At the age of 37, Yankees outfielder Alfonso Soriano once again his 30+ home runs in 2013. But he also did something he hasn't done since 2008.

Maddie Meyer

Going back to the beginning of his major league career, Yankees outfielder Alfonso Soriano stole double digit bags every year from 2001 - 2008. He stole 30 or more bases in five of those eight seasons. But then knee injuries slowed him down on the base paths, and he didn't steal more than nine bases in a season since.

In 2013, he stole 18 bases. What?

Coming into the 2013 season, Yankees outfielder Alfonso Soriano was nothing more than a late round pick in mixed league drafts back in March. Without looking, his ADP had to be closer to 200 than 150 (it was 209, actually) back on draft day, which is fitting for a 37 year old outfielder playing for a bad team. I am not sure why his ADP was so low, as he hit .262 with 32 home runs and 108 RBI last season.

What he did this season went way beyond anyone's projections, as he hit .255 (expected) with 34 home runs, 84 runs, 101 RBI and 18 stolen bases. 18 stolen bases from a 37 year old with bad knees! He stole 22 bases over the last four seasons COMBINED. That tells you how unpredictable his performance on the base paths was this season.

Soriano hadn't put up a performance like this since the 2008 season where he stole 19 bases. The last time he hit 30+ home runs, drove in 100+ runs and stole 15+ bases was way back in 2005 with the Rangers when he put up a 30-30 season, going 36-102-104-30 in his age 29 season.

He attempted 27 stolen bases this season, the most he has attempted since 2006 when he attempted 58 stolen bases with the Nationals. Actually, his 27 stolen base attempts this season was just one fewer than his total attempts over the last four seasons combined.

Will he continue to run in 2014? Fantasy owners certainly hope he does, as that will increase his value on draft day. Prior to his trade to the Yankees, he attempted 15 stolen bases in 93 games. As a Yankee, he attempted 12 stolen bases in 58 games, so there is a hint that he could continue to run in 2014.

He currently has 288 career stolen bases, so maybe he wants to reach 300 stolen bases for his career. If so, he would become only the ninth player in MLB history to hit 300 or more home runs and steal 300 or more bases in their career. He will join the following list of hitters:

Willie Mays

Barry Bonds

Andre Dawson

Bobby Bonds

Reggie Sanders

Steve Finley

Alex Rodriguez

Carlos Beltran

In fact, Barry Bonds is the only member of the 400 - 400 club and the 500 - 500 club.

Could we see another 30+ home run, 15+ stolen base season from Soriano in 2014? We very well could.