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What players disappointed you the most in 2013

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Every season, at least one player, probably more, on your fantasy baseball rosters fail to meet your expectations. Which players disappointed you the most in 2013?

Brian Kersey

I just got back from my trip to Kansas City to watch the Chiefs-Giants game with my brother, some Giants fans, and my friends from Overland Park, Kansas. It was a great game if you are a Chiefs fan, which I am. Not so much if you are a Giants fan.

Anyway, as a result of me not getting home until 10:30 last evening, this post will be a short one, and I am looking for your participation as well.

Every season, fantasy owners draft players who fail to meet expectations, due to injury or poor performance. This season, a short list of players who disappointed fantasy owners:

Matt Kemp

Albert Pujols

Justin Upton

Ryan Braun

Stephen Strasburg

Cole Hamels

Josh Hamilton

B.J. Upton

David Price

I am sure there are others that disappointed your fantasy teams this season. So, feel free to post the players you were most disappointed in in 2013 in the comments section below. Include as much details as possible as well.

Let's hear it.

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