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EPL Week 6 Review

Looking at the good, the bad and the ugly of Week 6

Paul Gilham

Where do I even begin?  What a crazy weekend we just witnessed.  West Bromwich Albion (they deserve their full name this week!) won at Old Trafford for the first time since 1978 with a stunning 2-1 victory and Aston Villa took out the other half of Manchester by defeating City 3-2.  Rumors are not true, however, that Ambien has now made their headquarters in the Warehouse City.  Let's take a look at some of the rest of the highlights and lowlights of Week 6 in the EPL:

-          Better start to the season: Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal or Peyton Manning in the NFL?  We all knew Manning was capable of producing numbers like this but Ramsey has come out of nowhere.  Did Wenger kidnap his family and tell him that if he doesn't improve tenfold from last year they would be killed one by one?  I have no explanation.

-          THE STULTZ GUARANTEE OF THE WEEK COMES THROUGH!  It was mixed emotions in my apartment as I watched John Terry tie up the Chelsea-Spurs match.  You know what?  You go Mr. Terry!  Way to prove I am not a complete idiot.

-          Luis Suarez returns, doesn't bite anyone and scores two goals for Liverpool.  Not a bad start for the Uruguayan.

-          Speaking of the Reds (you don't mean Communists, do you Sam?), Sturridge scored again after going two matches without one.

-          The first reader who emails ( or Tweets me (@brianjstultz) with what movie that quote in parentheses above is from earns the opportunity to pick my fantasy team for next week.  (Note: putting it in the comments does NOT count!  Sorry Ray!)

-          Hey, look at that.  Fulham drops 3 points at home once again to a side they should beat.  How much longer will Martin Jol last?  I'm expecting his demise to come in less than two weeks.

-          With that said, I am officially nominating myself for the next manager of the Fulham Cottagers.  I will bring an attack filled offense that will center around one person and one person only: Steve Sidwell.

-          Cardiff City absolutely deserved the match against Fulham and that goal by Jordan Mutch was an absolute beauty.

-          Romelu Lukaku (I am naming my first kid exactly this) now has six goals in his last five EPL appearances.  He came up big for Everton on Monday as he got the brace AND also contributed an assist.

-          Before looking it up, tell me who is in 6th place and tied with Chelsea points wise for 5th?  Anyone?  SOUTHAMPTON!  Can they keep this up?  We don't know but they are playing some inspired footy right now.

-          Wayne Rooney continues his "You Better Keep Playing Me or I will Ruin This Entire Locker Room" tour de force by scoring United's only goal in the lost to West Brom.  Now if only he had some talent around him.  (Holding up sarcasm sign.)

-          Fernando Torres actually tried to SCRATCH A GUY to get his point across on Saturday.  It was the biggest girl move I have seen in soccer since the last thing Ronaldo did.  I bet he doesn't cut his fingernails so they are REAL sharp.

-          I totally blew the David Stockdale and Tim Howard picks for goalkeeper.  Sorry about that.  Howard DID have an assist however.

-          I am going to admit to something that I should not admit to but this is full disclosure: despite writing about the EPL Fantasy and spending a lot of time on it, I actually (gulp!) forgot to change my team before Saturday.  I'm a moron.

-          Thanks to everyone that Tweeted or emailed me questions/comments during the weekend.  I was up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to watch the Spurs-Chelsea match.

Don't forget to contact me with any questions or comments you may have during the week.  Let me know if I am missing a player or if you want a new team name that doesn't suck.  Fantasy advice columns will be coming out on Thursday and Friday.  Have a great week!