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Fantasy Impact of Latest PED Scandal: Alex Rodriguez, Gio Gonzalez and Others

Ray Guilfoyle takes a look at some of the players who could be impacted should suspensions be handed down as a result of the latest Miami-based PED scandal where some popular players were implicated.

Olt could benefit if Nelson Cruz is suspended.
Olt could benefit if Nelson Cruz is suspended.
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Well, if you haven't heard by now, MLB is dealing with another PED scandal. The news was announced early Tuesday morning, as a huge article in the Miami New Times, implicated several prominent baseball players, including Alex Rodriguez, Gio Gonzalez, Nelson Cruz, Melky Cabrera, Yasmani Grandal and Bartolo Colon. No one has been suspended.....yet. But, maybe they won't, as MLB is still investigating the Miami-based Biogenesis, an anti-aging clinic, that supposedly distributed PEDs such as HGH, testoterone and anabolic steroids.

The biggest name on the list is Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod is currently recovering from hip surgery that he waited till mid-January to have, for some reason. Once the news hit, Twitter exploded with one tweet after another discussing A-Rod and how he destroyed whatever legacy he had left after announcing back in 2009 that he had taken PEDs back in 2001-2003. Back then, he told us that he had taken PEDs from 2001 to 2003 and had not used since. Well, apparently he was lying, if the report in the Miami New Times is true. According to records found at the clinic, A-Rod has been using PEDs from 2009 through early 2012. No one should be shocked that the Yankees are now looking at all ways to void the remaining years of his contract. That may prove difficult, but then again, hours after the report hit the newsstands and internet, he denied the claims in the report, but proceeded to hire criminal attorney Roy Black.

What follows is pure speculation:

Kevin Youkilis, NYY

If Rodriguez is suspended, and there have been no reports to say that he will be suspended, there is a very good chance we have seen him play his last game as a New York Yankee. That is just my opinion, but what team in MLB would allow a player in their locker room that has lied to your team and to teammates twice in 4 years? The Yankees signed Kevin Youkilis this offseason to play third base while Rodriguez recovered from hip surgery. Now, it is entirely possible that he could be their third baseman all season, so his value improves even if A-Rod is not suspended.

Nelson Cruz, TEX

If Cruz is suspended, and there have been no reports to say that he will be suspended, the Rangers have options on their roster right now:

1. They could move Ian Kinsler to right field, which would allow top prospect Jurickson Profar to play every day at second base.

2. They could also move third base prospect Mike Olt to right field to get his power bat into their lineup.

3. They go out and sign Michael Bourn.

4. They could move Mitch Moreland to right field with Lance Berkman manning first base.

The Rangers are blessed with a great farm system, so they have internal options should Cruz miss 50 games due to a suspension. Guys like Profar, Olt and Moreland could see their fantasy values jump if he is suspended.

Gio Gonzalez, WAS

This was a shocker, wasn't it? Gio also flatly denied any association with the clinic, but can you blame him? What player wouldn't deny association with a clinic that distributed PEDs to athletes? Should Gio get suspended, and there are no reports that he will be suspended, the Nationals could be forced to make a trade for another starting pitcher. This team is built to win now, and some think they are the best team, on paper, heading into spring training, so it would behoove them to trade for a seasoned starting pitcher. The Dodgers have a few extra starting pitchers in Aaron Harang and Chris Capuano that would make sense for the Nationals.

Melky Cabrera, TOR

Melky just signed a two year contract with the Blue Jays this offseason, after serving a 50 game suspension last season. What will be interesting is whether Cabrera went back to taking PEDs during/after his suspension. If he did, he would be suspended for 100 games this time. He would be almost unownable in all but keeper leagues this season. Either Rajai Davis or Anthony Gose, or both, would take his place in the Blue Jays potent lineup should he be suspended.

Like I said, no suspensions have been given out, and it's possible no one gets suspended, but should MLB have enough evidence to suspend a few of these guys, their fantasy values wiill be impacted, thus improving the fantasy value of others on their team.