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Fantasy Baseball Chat: Superbowl Weekend Chat

Baseball season is right around the corner and I am sure you all have fantasy baseball decisions to make. Let me help you, so stop on in and ask your questions. Ask as many as you would like.


UPDATE: I will answer questions all weekend, so go ahead and post your questions this weekend. I will be in an out though, so please be patient.

I am going to do my best to host a fantasy baseball chat once a week between tonight and the beginning of the season. Stop on in and ask your fantasy baseball questions, whether it be an offseason trade offer, a draft strategy, rankings, prospects, or what beer I am drinking.

I will ask that if you ask a question, that you tell me your favorite beers, favorite bands, and favorite baseball player.

Full Disclosure:

Beers: Amstel Light, Heinekein Light, Guinness, Sam Adams

Bands: Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, or any classic rock band, really.

Favorite Baseball Player: Matt Kemp, Adrian Beltre