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Fantasy Baseball Chat: Pre-Super Bowl Weekend Edition

Ray Guilfoyle will be taking your fantasy baseball questions all weekend, so stop on over early and often and post your questions.


Last weekend's fantasy baseball chat was a success, so I figured I would have another chat this weekend. I will be answering your questions all weekend, so make sure you stop by and post as many questions as you'd like.

I will be away for a good part of Saturday morning and early afternoon, but will answer all questions posted, so make sure you check back in the late afternoon or early evening.

I will answer all of your offseason keeper, trade, prospect and draft strategy questions. Let me know your favorite beer and favorite band too.

My favorite beers are Amstel, Heinekein, Guinness and Sam Adams.

My favorite bands (I am aging myself here): Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin.