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Fantasy Baseball 2013 AL-Only Rankings: First Base

The top 20 (or so) positional rankings for AL/NL formats continue to roll on. Today we take a look at the guys with the weird looking gloves, First Base. My draft strategy in the early going has been to load up on corner infielders, because eventually they run out and I would rather have 2-3 big boppers in my line-up then to scramble late in drafts. So have a goose and a gander at how I see the top AL-Only options for 1B.

Jamie Squire
  1. Albert Pujols - It takes everyone a little while to adjust to LA, Hamilton watching his back pockets in the batting order is going to work wonders.
  2. Prince Fielder - It's an every other year thing for Prince, check the HR totals in odd years. While you are there check all the other counting stats.
  3. Edwin Encarnacion - Breakout is real, in that line-up with better OBP guys in front of hm could be a better counting stat year then last
  4. Billy Butler - Magic 27 year, will need some help from the guys around him to get better than last year. 20/100/.300 are a given.
  5. Mark Teixeira - Recently said he was playing injured or "dinged up" for almost all of last year. Optimistically 30/100 is a standard for him if he plays 150 games.
  6. Carlos Santana - My top C option is a top 10 option for 1B, 20 and 80, with decent ratios are easily attainable.
  7. Mark Trumbo - He suddenly becomes the most forgotten Angel, extra eligibility makes him extra special. Think he settles in the role behind the killer 3/4 in the lineup.
  8. Paul Konerko - 37 and keeps putting up great seasons. He is the ultimate fallback, he is the velcro to sneakers shoe laces.
  9. Joe Mauer - I ding Joe because I want a masher at 1B, the 10 HR thing is kind of a killer for a run producing spot.
  10. Nick Swisher - Moves to the Jake and that may not be a great thing for his counting stats. Team doesn't get on base as well as the Yankees and that caps his potential. 20 and 75 are a high median for stat potential.
  11. Chris Davis - A repeat from last year is possible, but I can't see him completely bettering all the numbers especially Avg. Big Power potential with a BA drain.
  12. Eric Hosmer - Maybe can turn the sophmore slump into the Junior gem. Hype last year lead him to be over-drafted a lot, this year he is on the burned me once train, good value if you miss on the top 7.
  13. Mike Napoli - A monster at Fenway, but injury news is worrisome. Let someone else draft him and if he is good then good for them.
  14. Kendrys Morales - The second year back from any injury as bad as his is always better. Out of the shadows of better players and with constant playing time in a non pressure situation. Add that all up and it screams potential.
  15. Justin Morneau - The Canadian in me wants him to do well, the American in me wishes I never said that. Decent bounceback, depending on how you draft early could make alot of sense for a lottery ticket mid draft.
  16. Brandon Moss - Everybody has a sleeper and Moss is mine this year. Will he do everything right on the first date? Prolly not, but not everyone is perfect, but look where you can draft him and then ask yourself that again. Hitting Lefties is the key, Chris Carter will steal some of his glory.
  17. Kevin Youkilis -Moderate to decent production with extra eligibility. Is the perfect guy for the Yanks take alot of pitches mentality. I see him busting out to a great start in April and you will wish you traded him by July.
  18. Adam Dunn - The Donkey keeps doing what he do. You know exactly what your getting here and if you pair that well with someone else its a winning combo.
  19. Mark Reynolds - I think I put them back to back on purpose to be honest, just to see how many K's I can get in a row. Switch to Cleveland won't affect him as he is a HR or bubbkis guy.
  20. Lance Berkman - Won't be 2 years ago great, and won't be last year bad. As long as he isn't injured the Texas native should give great value as compared to where he is being drafted.
  21. Adam Lind - A tough guy to rank as he could break out or he could be useless. I see more of the latter. I think his time in Toronto is just about up, change of scenery would prolly do him some good.
  22. Mitch Moreland - Had the gig until Berkman walked in, will still see plenty of AB's at 1B, could eeek out some mix league value with a hot start. Then again could be a bad start away from rooting for Mike Olt.
  23. Justin Smoak - Where there is Smoak there isn't fire, I am sorry I don't see it. All the minor league hype is just that.
  24. Carlos Pena - Will give plenty of pop, some decent OBP, but is defecient in everything you want in a fantasy asset.
  25. James Loney - I have seen Casey Kotchman become fantasy relevant playing in 120 plus games for the Rays, so make, it shake, come on Loney.