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Fantasy Baseball 2013 AL - Only Rankings: Catchers

Ranking the fantasy players by position in the AL-only format.

Stephen Dunn

So we might as well start with everyone's favorite position for fantasy, catcher. To make it even worse the usable options are cut in half in these rankings by using the AL-Only format for ranking purposes. While the top 3 options look awesome and something you would rest your coffee cup on, the rest are far from a comfort zone. So have a look at how I would rank the AL only catchers for the upcoming year.

  1. Carlos Santana - Went back and forth with Mauer as the top option, as it was HR vs. Avg. Both have same positional eligibility, as it turns out I would rather have the dingers. Average and OPS all jumped from year previous, Hr's dipped but K's dropped so at least the upswing is trending.
  2. Joe Mauer - Average is nice, but the minimal power is a killer and not top spot material for me. Expect a 310 plus average and barely double digit HR's, for where he is being drafted I would rather wait.
  3. Matt Wieters - The hype train has been stopped at the station and its basically in neutral, will he break out or is he just 80% of what we all think he is.
  4. Salvador Perez - I think all the hype from Weiters last year fell on to Salvador's plate. He not only ate it but is running away with the sleeper pick in mixed drafts early on. He is basically a Santana lite with more BA ability.
  5. Mike Napoli - Doctors know best, and hip injuries tend to linger. Go ask Arod. His career numbers are Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson-esque at Fenway. Has extra eligibility in some leagues which helps. Numbers will mimic last years.
  6. Victor Martinez - Returns form missing the entire 2012 season and is basically the Tigers emergency 3rd catcher as he will get most to all of his at bats at either 1B or DH
  7. Jesus Montero - Well the job is his now as the Mariners traded Jaso to the A's. Everything hit wise is there for him to be a stud, defense makes me nervous.
  8. A.J. Pierzynski - No place I would rather catch than in Texas. The 120 degree heat in the summer, sounds awesome. Had a rejuvenated career year in 2012 and even if he gives you 90% of that he is still mixed league usable.
  9. Alex Avila - Is the everyday catcher for the Tigers despite V-Mart's return. 2 years ago he was the apple of everyone's darling, or whatever that expression is. Double digit HR are a real possibility, and some decent counting stats for a squatter.
  10. J.P. Arencibia - Has the HR stroke and his batting average looks like a team killer as he barely makes waves above .200.
  11. John Jaso - I love his new situation personally as I think he is very under-rated and has been under-utilized. I am also looking for any exemplary word that starts with under. If all goes right could be a top 6 option in no time.
  12. Chris Iannetta - Looks better because the line-up makes it that way. Does just enough to be middle ranked and does't shine in anything. Moderate counting stats but still a startable option.
  13. Jarrod Saltalamacchia - Hit 20 plus HR's and will be splitting time with several other options in the Boston line-up. If he is hot he is in the line-up everyday. I see a trade with all the other options there and a jump up the list.
  14. Ryan Doumit - Mauer's playing time behind the dish is dwindling. Doumit has a chance to shine if he starts off hot. If I were drafting, this is where I would be looking. What's the worst that happens, you drop him?
  15. Jason Castro - Houston moves to the AL and Castro gets a chance to be healthy for once. He was at one point a bright spot in the Astros minors and should be a decent resource for Avg around .280. Power is where he will lack.
  16. Tyler Flowers - My deep sleeper as the Pale Hose have handed him the reigns until he falters. A 12 Hr and 50/50 RBI/Run season would look nice as a end game draft option.
  17. Geovany Soto - Won't get enough burn to be completely fantasy competent. He will be Yu Darvish's personal catcher so he has that for a resume filler.
  18. Derek Norris - Takes the back-up roll behind Jaso in Oak. Jaso will see some decent time at DH and Norris may etch out just enough usefulllness for the AL format if you punt it completely.
  19. Jose Molina - It's a shame that the gleam from TB's pretty stellar starting rotation can't make their catcher look any better, seek refuge elsewhere.
  20. Chris Stewart / Francisco Cervelli /Austin Romine - Seriously if your league is this deep, quit, join the merchant marines and see the world. That is time better spent.