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Seesaw Report: September 2 - 7

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I went through some recent call ups in Thursday's Waiting in the Wings column, and I won't revisit any of those players in this space. As always, this is a look at the relevant players who were injured, activated, promoted or demoted in the last week or so.

Hitters Up

Joey Votto - Play him.

JP Arencibia - If you need power, but only power, Arencibia is your guy. He was activated yesterday, and while he'll kill your average and OBP, he's been steady with the power and RBI.

Carlos Ruiz - It's a good week for injured catchers as Chooch also returns from the DL after missing just over a month. He was having a career year before the injury and it will be interesting to see how he performs down the stretch. He could be a stealthy add if someone in your league dropped him at the time of his injury.

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Brett Lawrie - Lawrie has been a disappointment relative to his preseason expectations, but if he can piece together a strong September, we can start the whole process over again for next year. He missed just under a month on the DL, and if you still have him, you're going to be playing him.

Anthony Gose - Busy week for the Jays. By now Gose is a known quantity. If he gets the playing time, he'll strike out a lot and steal some bags.

Starling Marte - I suspected Marte might not make it back from his strained oblique, but he returned quite quickly. We'll see how it affects him while playing, and how much playing time he'll receive in a suddenly crowded Pirates outfield. He can help in both power and speed, but I'm not optimistic on him and would look elsewhere for help if I could find it.

Hitters Down

Placido Polanco - Frankly, I'm surprised this guy is still playing. Hopefully this didn't affect your fantasy hopes.

Pitchers Up

Dan Straily - Straily is back and is likely to fill in for Brandon McCarthy as he recovers from a line drive to his head. Straily should be a solid addition the rest of the season and is an advised pick up, though be aware of the Oakland's unforgiving schedule the rest of the way.

Chris Archer - David Price is having a start skipped/pushed back due to shoulder soreness, and Archer is tabbed to replace him. He had good results in his previous stint in the majors, and is worth an add if the matchups are right.

Jason Hammel - The surprise pitcher of the year in my book, Hammel returned to the Orioles this week and continued dealing. Go get him if he's available and start him if you got him.

Pitchers Down

Brandon McCarthy - Nothing official has been done regarding placing McCarthy on the disabled list, but we're all rooting for a quick recovery and a return to full health.

Chad Billingsley - Billingsley was placed on the 60-day DL after receiving an injection of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). He does have a partially torn UCL and could still require Tommy John surgery if the PRP injection doesn't take.