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Fantasy Baseball: Early 2013 Position Rankings

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

In case you missed it, Bret and I have been posting our early 2013 Position Rankings over the last few weeks, and here are some links for your viewing pleasure. By no means are these our final rankings, and they come with very little analysis. All that will come in the offseason, where the Fake Teams writers will join forces to produce our in-depth position rankings with write ups for each player ranked like we did last offseason.

Onto the links to our Early 2013 Rankings:


First Baseman

Second Baseman


Third Baseman

Outfielders - Top 20

Outfielders -21 - 50

NL Starting Pitchers - Top 25

AL Starting Pitchers - Top 25

Who is the No. 1 Overall Pick In 2013?