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Seesaw Report: September 8-14

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Things have really slowed down since a flurry of moves at the beginning of September. Given the general stasis later on in September as well as the ending of many fantasy leagues, I'm thinking this could be the last Seesaw Report of the season. If you guys have leagues that are continuing on and want this to stick around through the end of your season, by all means let me know in the comments. Let's get to the transactions.

Hitters Up

Jed Lowrie - Lowrie is probably the biggest impact guy to be activated off the DL. We all know he has the talent to make a difference during these stretch fantasy runs if he can stay healthy. He's worth trying to grab until he hurts himself again.

Denard Span - Span returns for the end of the fantasy season. He won't hurt you anywhere but he won't help you in power categories and while his legs weren't the issue he might be hesitant to swipe bases as headfirst slides will test his sternoclavicular joint strain.

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Daniel Nava - The little guy has endeared himself to many Red Sox fans and has produced in stretches. If he's getting the playing time he could be productive, especially in OBP leagues.

Lonnie Chisenhall - The former top prospect was activated off the DL and probably should see some playing time for the Indians as they evaluate their options for next year. He hasn't impressed to date, but does have some potential. He's been atrocious thus far in his career against lefties, so if for whatever reason you are looking to acquire him, be sure to have a platoon partner.

Jemile Weeks - Weeks isn't likely to get any playing time given the Stephen Drew acquisition that moved Cliff Pennington to second base. All that said, the only person in his way is Cliff Pennington. I doubt the A's mess with what's been working, but Weeks is a former first rounder and has a talent edge over Pennington in my opinion.

Darin Ruf - I covered Ruf in Tuesday's column and I wouldn't expect him to get a ton of playing or to even produce given that playing time. He has to cheat to get to fastballs, and he hasn't seen the type of stuff he's about to see. You can leave him well enough alone.

Melky Mesa - Mesa earned a bunch of hype as a bucket of tools in the Yankees system, and that's pretty much what he remains. He's moved up the latter but hasn't succeeded at converting those considerable tools into skills. You might hear a bit of hype on Mesa, but you can leave him on the wire.

Dee Gordon - He's not getting his SS spot back from Hanley Ramirez/Luis Cruz, but he likely will steal some bases as a pinch runner, but that will be unpredictable enough not to help you. Avoid.

Hitters Down

Pitchers Up

Gavin Floyd - Floyd has been on the DL quite awhile, but he was activated on Wednesday. Use him as you normally would.

Stephen Fife - Fife posted an ERA under 3 in a few spot starts earlier this season. He's nothing special, but he might be a better option than Joe Blanton one of these days.

Pitchers Down

Francisco Cordero - The Astros have made some waves both hiring and firing people off the field recently, and now they've let go of some on field "talent." When Cordero was moved to the Astros he had a shot at the closer role, so if you were hoping he could get back's time to let that dream go.