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Fantasy Baseball: Early 2013 Position Rankings

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I, along with Bret Sayre (he has his own blog now The Dynasty Guru), have been providing you with early 2013 position rankings this week and, in case you missed them, here are links to each of the rankings posted thus far. As I stated, these rankings are early looks at each position, and will change a few times before the 2013 season.

Once all of the early rankings are complete, we will begin our review of our final 2012 position rankings posted in March. Then, we will jump into our 2013 position rankings with some in-depth profiles for each player, so the offseason will be very busy.

Here are the early 2013 position rankings for your review:


First Base

Second Base


Third Base


I will work on my 21-40 Outfielder Rankings for Monday or Tuesday, followed by my Top 25 Starting Pitcher Rankings and then my Top 20 Closers for 2013.