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Fantasy Football 2012: Twitter News from 8/7

Mo Williams has more fantasy value than T.O. right now, but we should still keep an eye on one of the best fantasy receivers ever.
Mo Williams has more fantasy value than T.O. right now, but we should still keep an eye on one of the best fantasy receivers ever.

Twitter is the best tool for fantasy sports. If you know how to use it, it's really not even close. Every day there are 1000s of tweets that fantasy owners can use to help their strategy for their upcoming drafts. In an effort to try and make it into a nice little package, Ray Guilfoyle and I discussed a way we can do it for the owners that don't want to miss a beat. We'll be working out the kinks, but hopefully this serves as an effective way to go over the news in just a couple minutes.

We will try to have it up earlier for August 8th in the morning and keep updating it. Hopefully this serves as a representation of what you can expect. We've also got a few things in the works for SB Nation. Oh yes, this cliffhanger is better than the Sylester Stallone movie.

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Aww, man. No T.O. Chances are someone in your league is already trying to determine whether he's an eighth- or ninth-round pick. He's not. He'd still rank outside of the top 50 receivers if we did draft boards today. That said, we do have to keep an eye on him with his 4.45 40 time that he ran for the tryouts.

Shanahan. Curse thy name. For those that were looking to draft Roy Helu as their RB2, well, you might want to look elsewhere. We all know about how Shanahan uses running backs and we've seen the likes of Olandis Gary, Tatum Bell, Mike Bell and Mike Anderson become fantasy assets. Royster is certainly worth a draft pick and I discussed him in Sleepers on the Rise last week. The Fantasy Devil likes his starting running backs how I had my burger for lunch today -- In-N-Out Animal style.

Richardson is dealing with a knee injury and he could be up in the air for Friday's game against the Lions. Montario Hardesty got the first-team reps today to further the notion of him being T-Rich's handcuff. Richardson supporters shouldn't panic or anything and I'd still take him over MJD in most formats.

Good news, you guys. The Seahawks will be a better fantasy offense with Flynn at the helm and Flynn himself does have some sleeper appeal. Flynn would also make Sidney Rice a better value as the draft board turns to 100. This is one of the more interesting storylines of the weekend.

Beanie has been hurt and him coming off the PUP means he could be ready for Arizona's third preseason game. He's not playing this weekend. There are just too many flags to take Beanie Wells as your second running back in a 12-man league. Honestly, I wouldn't even want him as my third back.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but it's still encouraging. Nicks has the upside to be the top fantasy receiver. The main concern is his propensity to get hurt. Despite his risk, he's still easily a top-10 WR in almost any format.

Any potential owner out there looking to snatch up Martin as their second or third back shouldn't factor in this news on where to take him. Martin has been fantastic in camp while Blount has been dropping balls and doesn't resemble a starter at all. Ignore.

This was expected from the Lions with LeShoure (Achilles) and Best (concussion) coming off serious injuries. LeShoure was suspended for the first two games, so owners that aren't comfortable with their stable of backs going into the last third of their drafts might want to use Smith as a Band-Aid.

IDP owners should feel good as hell about drafting the most talented safety in the league.

Jeremiah goes on to say in his post that Cam Newton is developing good chemistry with Brandon LaFell. In case you missed my Wide Receiver Rankings back in May, I'm extremely high on LaFell and draft him in almost every mock.

Uh oh. The emergency team showed up on the scene and Goodson was taken off in an ambulance. We'll have more on this developing story.

Thanks for reading and check back for updates!