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Fantasy Football 2012: Mock of Ages

Mock drafts are a useful tool to start the season and you probably have picked in a few already. It's a great way to test out a new strategy that you have in mind or have read about. You're also able to see where those players you've been keeping an eye on are being taken. Of course, mock drafts cannot replace your real draft but they have their place and can give you a little more confidence heading into draft day. With that in mind, the fantasy football staff at Fake Teams is holding a mock draft and we want our readers to be involved. The draft is a 12 team, slow draft with a 6 hour time limit. It is based on performance scoring with yardage points and PPR (1 point for WR/RB and 1.5 for TE) If you would like to join us, email me at the address following the jump.

To join: email me at dukeallstar AT Gmail DOT com (with the proper punctuation, of course). I'll send out the invites ASAP and the mock draft will start early next week. And because it's a slow mock draft, it will be held at Please ONLY join if you are going to take this seriously.