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Seesaw Report: June 30 - July 6

This is starting to become a familiar image to Dodgers fans and Gordon owners...  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
This is starting to become a familiar image to Dodgers fans and Gordon owners... (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Bringing you the Seesaw Report early on Saturday morning as a way to make up for getting it to you late the last couple weeks. We've got lots of names to get through, so let's dispense with the pleasantries.

Hitters Up

Xavier Avery - A personal favorite of mine (who I've just traded away), Avery has ridden the shuttle between Norfolk and Baltimore all season and likely will continue to do so all season. I highlight him because if he is playing, there's a good chance he will net you some stolen bases as he has 6 steals on only 21 hits this season. He's likely a 4th outfield long term, but could still provide cheap speed when he's playing.

Travis Hafner - Hafner was activated from the DL on Independence day and has already hit a home run in that time. If you can take a relative hit in average (he's in the .240s right now) he will provide solid power until he gets hurt again.

Mark Ellis - Ellis returned to the field just in time to see Dee Gordon leave it. They play different positions, but the ultimate result is that Luis Cruz (ignore) will take over at short and Ellis will not really ease back into a starting job. He was doing a good job of getting on base and hitting at a solid clip before his scary injury. I am currently using him as a holdover after Pedroia hit the DL and I would suggest that he's a solid injury replacement for any other MI who went down recently (see below).

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Matt Dominguez - Acquired along with Rob Rasmussen as part of the Carlos Lee deal, Dominguez has a 70 or 80 glove, which won't help anyone with a fantasy team. He has long struggled to identify pitches and that has held him back as a hitter. Houston gave him a start almost immediately, and he might have a long rope while they see what they have with him, but I wouldn't surprised if he heads back to Triple-A at some point this year.

Hitters Down

Andre Ethier - This was a longtime coming as Ethier's oblique injury was not said to be significant, but knowing what we do about side injuries, we had to think that he couldn't avoid the DL. Both Ethier and Kemp are scheduled for a return after the ASG. I wouldn't expect Ethier to be 100% at that point, and he has played through injuries to muted results before.

Lonnie Chisenhall - Chisenhall heads to the disabled list with a fractured ulna (that's one of the bones in your forearm), after performing adequately but perhaps disappointingly with a 756 OPS and 109 OPS+ on the season. That type of production shouldn't be difficult to replace in most leagues, and the odds are that this injury may help as many as it hurts.

Brian Roberts - I highlighted Roberts return from concussion issues a few weeks back because I am rooting for guys like him and Morneau to avoid the fate of Corey Koskie. The good news here is that he is hitting the DL due to a groin strain and not because of any sort of head injury. The bad news is that Roberts has been increasingly brittle as he ages. He's worth stashing on your DL if you have room because of his upside, but don't hesitate to drop him if you don't have the space.

Dee Gordon - While Gordon was providing you league leading steals totals, he was absolutely murdering you in average, OBP and OPS. That said, his steals were enough of a reason to own him, if only as a bench option and they won't be easily replaced. Gordon is on the shelf for at least six weeks after surgery to repair the UCL around his thumb after he dislocated it stealing third base in the 8th inning of a game the Dodgers were (surprisingly) winning. Luis Cruz (who? exactly) is his replacement and features no power, little speed, and the surprising ability to drive in runs so far in his Dodgers career. That won't continue. Leave him be.

Gaby Sanchez - Even a home run in his last game could save Sanchez from getting the heave-ho to make room for Carlos Lee. I would guess that an enterprising team who has a black hole at first base might be able to make an under-rated acquisition in Sanchez, who could just be having an off year. If that's the case I think he's worth grabbing, until then though, leave him on the wire.

Alex Presley - I've covered my thoughts on Presley in previous Seesaw reports, but to sum up, I think he's a fourth outfield capable of providing value in short bursts, but not someone you need to own by any means. People have been clamoring for Starling Marte to replace him (or Tabata) on the roster, but the reality is that while Marte has been hot, he has no plate discipline and wouldn't fare well in a major league trial. If the Pirates cave to public pressure and do promote Marte, I think he's someone you can avoid for 2012.

Pitchers Up

Drew Pomeranz - Pomeranz gets the call after performing well in Triple-A, and watching the Major League rotation implode on itself both before and after (one might say throughout) the 4-man rotation experiment. Pomeranz comes with a top 5 overall pick pedigree and flashes of success before. Pitching in Colorado is tough, but of the options in their rotation at the moment, I like him the most, certainly more than fellow former 1st rounder Christian Friedrich. He is replacing Josh Outman in the rotation.

Bartolo Colon - The definition of league average (ERA+ of 100), Colon returns from the disabled list, sending closer-for-a-minute Brian Fuentes to the scrap heap as he was designated for assignment. Colon's resurgence the last couple years has been a nice story, but he's nothing more than a matchup play due to minimal strikeouts and merely average ERA and WHIP production.

Chris Tillman - I spot started him for his debut against the Mariners, and he continued his streak of mowing down Triple-A lineups. I wouldn't trust him against a team with a good lineup though, so hold off on any potential adds at the moment. Stick to extremely favorable matchups at most.

Henry Rodriguez - Rodriguez was the Nationals closer when he hit the disabled list, and while he can still throw in the triple digits and simultaneously not have any idea where it's going (only one of those things is impressive), Rodriguez is now a distant second for the Nationals in terms of closer options, and Drew Storen will likely be healthy before he gets another shot at it. Sean Burnett is likely ahead of him as well. Rodriguez can be ignored unless your league gives points for wild pitches, in which case, contact me because I'm interested.

Pitchers Down

Dan Haren - Haren has not been what anyone expected this year and now we find out why. He's been nursing a back issue since the Spring and while he's fought through it before only to see it fade away, that wasn't the case this year. Hopefully he gets his rest and rehab taken care of and comes back strong for the second half. I wouldn't dump him just yet, but would feel free to do so if he struggles after 2-3 starts once he returns.

Andrew Cashner - After an electric debut as a starter, Cashner didn't make it to the third inning in his matchup vs Trevor Bauer, grabbing at his arm after a warmup pitch. Luckily for everyone, it appears to be a strained lat instead of a recurrence of the shoulder soreness that sidelined him early in his career. Kip Wells has been pitching in the Padres rotation as well as Ross Ohlendorf. Either are decent options in matchup plays with Ohlendorf even racking up some strikeouts.

Brian Matusz - Optioned to Triple-A to work on his stuff, you can count me as one of the last believers in Matusz. I still think he has a chance to cash in on his potential, but he's definitely not where he needs to be right now. Leave him on the wire until he proves himself a couple times at the major league level.

Daisuke Matsuzaka - Well that was a nice few weeks of ignoring his general existence wasn't it? He's on the DL with a right upper trapezius strain, but that might as well be called "ineffective pitching" and "impossible to watch." I hope against hope that he wasn't affecting your fantasy team on any sort scale whatsoever. Feel free to pick up anyone or anything as a replacement as they'll likely help your team more. Try the clothes in your room for instance.

Chien-Ming Wang - Hey! Another guy who doesn't matter! Ross Detwiler has struggled in his last couple starts while replacing Wang, but he's the better option either way. Wang just can't miss bats anymore, and for that reason isn't worth your time or mine.