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Fake Teams Fantasy Baseball All-Stars: Second Base

High fives all around kid, You're a fake teams all-star.
High fives all around kid, You're a fake teams all-star.

Now I am taking a different tact with my all-stars. I am incorporating drafted value into how I evaluate each guy as all star's. Sure a guy drafted in round one is supposed to be an all-star, that doesn't make him a fantasy all-star, being a fantasy all-star is getting value where you would have not otherwise thought you would have. Second base is a very deep fantasy position with 18-20 guys with eligibility being capable of being rosterable. So here is who I think are the most valuable second sackers in fantasy this year

American League- Jason Kipnis CLE

Now the consensus guy here in everyone's mind over the past month should be Robbie Cano, but based on drafted value Kipnis to me is ahead of him. Kipnis to date of me writing this, has a respectable batting line of .272/.335/.420. That isn't the grestest when you compare it to Cano's but the category that makes him more fantasy valuable is SB's. Kipnis has 20, and is leading all MLB 2B in that category. Now you add in his decent contributions in Hr's (11), RBI's (43) and runs (47) to go along with those steals you think to yourself. Did I really take him in the 10th round or later in most drafts? So for bang for your buck would you rather have Cano in the first rd where he was being drafted or Kipnis somewhere around ADP 160.

National League - Aaron Hill ARI

The NL wasn't as clear cut for me as there are multiple guys with great ADP value that stand out. To me Aaron Hill stands out more, and no its not because of the 2 cycles he has hit this year. It's more the consistency that he has been putting up. His current batting line of .300/.359/.512 is great when you look at the statistical output of normal second baseman. The guy is slugging over 500, there have only been 3 guys to slug that hig in the past 3 years one is named Cano and the other is Dan Uggla. You add in 7 SB's to his 11Hr's and 38 RBI's and it's really nothing to yawn at. Then you sit back and look at when you drafted him, His ADP preseason was 232, really so he was basically one of your last 2-3 picks and giving you set it and forget it numbers.