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Fake Teams Suggestion Thread

We have the All Star game tonight, and I actually don't mind the break. I have watched more baseball this season than ever I think. At least it feels that way. Don't get me wrong, I love watching baseball. Especially when Vin Scully is calling the game. Actually, when Vin is calling the game, you really don't have to watch the game. You can just listen to him. He's that good.

Anyway, I want to get some ideas from you on what you want to see in the next few days, since there are no games till Friday, I will have several days to write about whatever you want.

Are there any specific players you want me to analyze? Are there a few players you want me to compare in a "Who would you rather have?" article? Just let me know and I will see what I can do.

Also, while I am at it, we will be starting our fantasy football coverage in the near future and want to know if there is anything we are missing in our fantasy football coverage. Last season we provided our readers with the following:

1. Weekly Position Rankings

2. Weekly Waiver Wire adds

3. Weekly Start'em/Sit'em

4. Weekly IDP Rankings

5. Weekly Game Summaries

Toward the end of last season, we started providing Active/Inactive updates on Sunday mornings and afternoons. Was that helpful?

Let us know what you want covered and I will do my best to add it this season.