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Fake Teams All-Stars: Closers

I mean who doesn't like the bow and arrow thing really?
I mean who doesn't like the bow and arrow thing really?

With the all-star game actually later today, wht better way to finish the Fake Teams all-stars then with the guys who finish up games. The closer role this year has been a question, filled with an injury, filled with a nice Captain Crunch reduction all in a your not efficient type wrap. If that doesn't make any sense, then in laymen's terms it's been a speculation smorgasbord. My choices, much like my second base selections, will have an added flavor of draft ADP. Why you may ask? Because true fantasy all-stars are the guys that you don't expect much from but contribute more than their drafted value. So on to the selections,

American League - Fernando Rodney TB

All the guy has done is basically everything that the Rays could have hoped for. He has filled in admirably for Kyle Farnsworth, who has been on extended vacation with Pinky Tuscadero. Tampa is or must be located near the fountain of relief pitching youth. It's where pitchers go to resurrect their careers and get multi-year deals the year after; Rafael Soriano, Kyle Farnsworth, Joaquin Benoit and the list goes on from there. So onto the guy who has his hat faded to the left because that's what playas do. On the year, 'Nando has converted 25 of 26 saves, has an ERA under a buck and has only allowed 30 base runners all year in 38 innings. Just crazy value for a guy who was, in most leagues, waiver fodder pre-season or not drafted.

National League - Joel Hanrahan PIT

Gotta give some props to the first place Pirates here, though he doesn't deserve it alone. I dismissed Craig Kimbrel altough I will argue that he is having a better year this year than last year. Anyways I like the value that Joel is bringing to the first half of the fantasy season. He was picked 6 rounds after Kimbrel and producing similar numbers across the board sans K's. With 23 saves out of 26 chances he ranks 2nd only to Kimbrel in NL. I am probably being biased here and I enjoy the feel good story going on in Pittsburgh, but based on drafted value, I'll take the guy with the run on last name any day.