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Seesaw Report: June 2-8

ST PETERSBURG, FL - AUGUST 02:  Outfielder Desmond Jennings #8 of the Tampa Bay Rays fouls off a pitch against the Toronto Blue Jays during the game at Tropicana Field on August 2, 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
ST PETERSBURG, FL - AUGUST 02: Outfielder Desmond Jennings #8 of the Tampa Bay Rays fouls off a pitch against the Toronto Blue Jays during the game at Tropicana Field on August 2, 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida. (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
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I am writing this as of Friday night, so I apologize for any last minute transactions that I's the price of helping a friend move WAY too early on a Saturday morning. Let's see who's healthy and who's ailing...

Hitters Up

Desmond Jennings - Those who bought the Jennings-hype from last year have been sorely disappointed thus far. Hopefully the former top prospect returns to form now that he's healthy. I trust his talent and he should be a difference maker over the rest of the season.

Alex Presley - The Pirates are one of the worst hitting teams in decades right now, so Presley should get some time in their outfield if he can produce at all. He's been hitting since his call-up, but in reality he's more of a 4th outfielder. That said, that's probably an upgrade over what they've been getting. Feel free to ride his streaks, but also feel free to cut him for the flavor of the week later on.

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Johnny Damon - Activated off the DL and robbing people of home runs, Damon is back in the Indians lineup. Use as you were previously.

Jason Bay - Bay is healthy for now, though I don't expect that to last for long nor do I expect him to be effective while healthy. Sadly, you should probably leave him well enough alone.

Fernando Martinez - Martinez was recalled and the oft-injured former-prospect is worth a speculative add in deep leagues as no one in the Houston outfield has more talent.

Matt Laporta - If this were 2009 these top two guys would be the equivalent of Wil Myers and Travis D'Arnaud getting called up. Instead, these post-hype prospects are deservedly generating very little attention. Laporta might be a decent add in deep leagues as he has to hit better than Casey Kotchman has so far, and thus might get the playing time there. He's done quite well in Triple-A thus far this year.

Juan Rivera - Rivera is terrible at baseball but the Dodgers will continue to play him against lefties and if he never faces a righty, he might actually help your team a bit. Only a deep league add, but his career OPS against lefties is quite good.

Clint Robinson - Robinson, nicknamed "The Alabama Hammer" was called up and has posted consistently excellent numbers throughout his minor league career. That said, he's never been liked by scouts as a potential MLB player. It's not known what role he'll play in KC, likely just a bench bat, but his numbers at Triple-A make him worth watching if he ever gets the playing time.

Hitters Down

Carlos Lee - No longer the fantasy force he once was, Lee's stint on the disabled list shouldn't bother the majority of fantasy leaguers. Brett Wallace is his replacement and he still is not good at hitting baseballs. Stay away.

Alex Avila - Headed to the DL with a hamstring strain, Avila hasn't been providing the production people were hoping for based on last season. While a regression was likely coming, I don't think anyone expected his production to fall off this much. That said, it's still a major loss to injury for the fantasy community. Gerald Laird is his back up and isn't the worst hold over at the moment. In OPS leagues I'd prefer someone like George Kottaras (Lucroy's replacement) who has power and will take a walk but kill your average.

Yasmani Grandal - Well I guess last week was a false alarm as the Padres send Grandal back down. It was an odd way of handling needing a backup for a couple days, but the Padres aren't ready to let him split time with Hundley.

Pitchers Up

Brandon McCarthy - McCarthy was activated from the disabled list Saturday and twirled a gem vs Texas. I'd start him if you got him, and he's worth spot starting in any league, if not outright owning.

Rex Brothers - A popular sleeper for saves entering the season, Brothers was recalled from Triple-A and if anything happens to Betancourt he's an immediate add. Until then he's not worth owning.

Vance Worley - Worley came back from the disabled list and had a decidedly mediocre start against the juggernaut that is the Dodgers. That said he was killing it before heading to the DL, and if you were starting him before, you might as well keep going now.

Sean Doolittle - The former 1st base prospect has reinvented himself as a lefty reliever with two plus pitches. He's not worth owning now, but the Oakland bullpen isn't the most organized place, and while the first crack at closing would probably go to Ryan Cook, he's been walking more guys than he should and Doolittle could get in there at some point.

Pitchers Down

Juan Nicasio - Nicasio was a popular sleeper coming into the season and has done nothing so far to justify it. He lands on the DL with a strained left knee. Hopefully the time off helps him collect himself.

Jaime Garcia - Another disappointment so far this season, Garcia was injury prone in his lead up to the majors but had been relatively healthy since making his debut. He's on the DL with a left shoulder strain, and frankly any pitching injury that mentions a shoulder has me concerned.

Derek Holland - Holland went to the DL on Thursday, and was replaced on the roster by Tanner Scheppers. Scheppers is an interesting relief prospect and has made his debut already. Alexi Ogando will replace Holland in the rotation, and isn't worth an add right now as he doesn't have the arm strength to go more than few innings. If he gets to keep a spot in the rotation (possibly replacing Scott Feldman) then he would be a more interesting add.

Carl Pavano - I...I have no analysis on this. He went to the DL and it is my sincere hope it affected none of you.