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Fantasy Football Rankings 2012: 51-100 Standard

Eli kicks off a QB-happy start to the 51-100 part of the standard ranks.
Eli kicks off a QB-happy start to the 51-100 part of the standard ranks.

You can make or break your draft in the middle rounds. Pretty simple. It's like hitting on a lovely lady. She might seem overwhelming and there are a lot of approaches that could be the prudent moves. Sure, you can pull the same tricks in the early going. Comment on her clothes. Make her laugh. Ask her if a napkin smells like chloroform. It's not difficult. The same can be said for fantasy football. It's not just about kicking it off with the one-liner with the reliable back and a couple nice receivers. You have to keep the party going. After all, there are at least seven positions to fill before we discuss IDP/K/DST.

Just like when you're hitting on someone, if you can have one home run of a line after you set it up, you'll be home free (use protection). Championship fantasy football teams need at least three of those aforementioned seven spots to be absolute studs. Over the past few years, the middle rounds were all about plucking running backs and hoping they blow up. Well, that has changed quite a bit. Savvy owners were able to grab Arian Foster a couple years ago with a pick after 50. In this day in age, guys like Doug Martin are blown up (I have him at 34 overall) and it'd be foolish to think you can snake an RB1 in any round after the fifth. I mean there are dozens of sites like this one that can pimp backs and of course every fantasy owner worth a darn checks Rotoworld once a day.

As we discussed in the Top 50, grabbing two running back in the early going seems like the practical move for the smart owner. Wide receiver is as deep as the Mariana Trench this year. Yeah. Call Jacques Cousteau.It's never that simple and just to put a nice little bow on this idea, every draft/woman is different and you have to roll with the punches. If you can't pull two backs in the first four rounds, then you know it's time to pounce on backs in the later rounds. If you can't clean up in the backfield in the early going, then you had better be sure you're on mop up duty in the second half . After all, you don't want to be left holding the bag in fantasy football's most coveted position. All in all, is there anything worse than having a target on your back as the owner that needs a back? (insert sentence that says you need to make sure you draft enough running backs here)

If you were reading for pick up lines I got nothing besides the ol' "I lost my phone number, can I have yours?" I'm dedicated to your fantasy titles and not your lady count. Protect your neck. Protect your.. well, you know.

Happy hunting!

Rank Player
51 Shonn Greene (RB22)
52 DeMaryius Thomas (WR22)
53 Darren Sproles (RB23)
54 Eli Manning (QB7)
55 Peyton Manning (QB8)
56 Antonio Brown (WR23)
57 Reggie Wayne (WR24)
58 Matt Ryan (QB9)
59 Philip Rivers (QB10)
60 Vincent Jackson (WR25)
61 Dwayne Bowe (WR26)
62 Ben Roethlisberger (QB11)
63 Tony Romo (QB12)
64 Antonio Gates (TE3)
65 Robert Meachem (WR27)
66 Brandon Lloyd (WR28)
67 Beanie Wells (RB24)
68 DeSean Jackson (WR29)
69 Jermichael Finley (TE4)
70 Vernon Davis (TE5)
71 Jason Witten (TE6)
72 Ben Tate (RB25)
73 Jahvid Best (RB26)
74 Donald Brown (RB27)
75 Denarius Moore (WR30)
76 Greg Little (WR31)
77 Aaron Hernandez (TE7)
78 DeAngelo Williams (RB28)
79 Jonathan Stewart (RB29)
80 Jay Cutler (QB13)
81 Eric Decker (WR32)
82 Santonio Holmes (WR33)
83 Brandon Pettigrew (TE8)
84 David Wilson (RB30)
85 Mark Ingram (RB31)
86 Willis McGahee (RB32)
87 Robert Griffin III (QB14)
88 Brandon LaFell (WR34)
89 Sidney Rice (WR35)
90 Pierre Garcon (WR36)
91 Torrey Smith (WR37)
92 Stevan Ridley (RB33)
93 C.J. Spiller (RB34)
94 Ronnie Hillman (RB35)
95 Isaac Redman (RB36)
96 Toby Gerhart (RB37)
97 James Starks (RB38)
98 Shane Vereen (RB39)
99 Peyton Hillis (RB40)
100 BenJarvus Green-Ellis (RB41)

Thanks for reading! I'll be updating these rankings quite a bit.