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Deep League Fantasy Fishing

The two handed shocker?
The two handed shocker?

Every week I give pick-up suggestions for leagues that are of the deeper variety. These suggestions aren't for everyone because that would just be dumb. These leagues are usually scrapping the bottom of the waiver wire looking for the week's useful guy or an injury replacement for a few days or even weeks. So turn your attention to the few suggestions I have this week.

Justin Maxwell OF HOU - . He really only plays when Jordan Schafer sits, but Carlos Lee to the DL adds to his ability to play. In the past week is 7-13 with some interesting counts that include 3 HR's and RBI's in 5 out of 7 games. These little streaks tend to make a manager put him on the line-up card.

Ryan Theriot SS/2B SF - The Riot is en fuego right now. Has the starting 2B gig and is showing out. Sorry if I sound like a pubescent Stuart Scott there, but Booya. Multiple hit games in 4 out of his last 7 games and 5 runs and RBI's during that span. Hits a ton better against righties so a nice platoon with Aaron Hill would work wonders for your everyday line-up.

Sean Doolittle RP Oak - The former failed slugger has shown up as a flame throwing wunderkind. Topping out at a Hondo, that's a hundred for all the people not down with my lingo. In the minors he was primarily used in a set up fashion, throwing 25 innings and striking out a staggering 48. Now I am bad at math and all but that ratio seems pretty pretty good. Future closer...pinkie to mouth. Maybe.

Matt Hague 1B PIT - Has gotten the start at 1b for the Pirates in 10 consecutive ball games. Now your asking yourself so what Smokey? I'll tell you the what, the guy can hit he just needs some AB's he hit over .300 in the minors for his career with decent pop. Think Lyle Overbay type pop, not Mr. Pibb type pop. Owners in a NL-only league prolly have this guy registered because the pickings are slim, but deeper mixed league like 16+ , if given the chance with AB's may find that util slot nice and cozy for a week until you tell me I am an idiot and he sucks.

Gerald Laird C Det - Bye Alex Avila. The new catcher for 3 out of 4 days is this guy. He is good with a joke or a light of your smoke(For Leyland) and he he should be rostered in the event you owned Avila or any other catcher sucking, Cincy's catchers or maybe even Anaheim. Can't guarantee much because he is a catcher and I hate 'em. He still hits in a loaded line-up and he isn't Mike Nickeas bad.

Brad Lincoln SP PIT - Oh the Pirates this week. The suddenly fertile gems of the deep league Himalayas. Get's a start tonight that will be worth monitoring as he may be a 2 start threat for the up coming week. That's if he doesn't completely blow it, and/or Chuckie Morton comes off the DL as expected.