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Fantasy Football: Mock Season

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Even though RUN DMC had a season-ending injury last year, he seems like a great value in the second round.
Even though RUN DMC had a season-ending injury last year, he seems like a great value in the second round.

Is it rabbit season or duck season? No. It's mock season. If Elmer Fudd played fantasy football, he'd be armed with his double-barrel shotty and plenty of traps as he set up for what should be another busy season. Obviously, you're going to do much better drafting than Elmer does at catching that rascally rabbit.

I've been taking part in a ton of mocks run by Jeff Ratcliffe over at Pro Football Focus. Jeff is one of the best IDP guys on the net, so give him a follow here, too. These mocks are IDP with PPR and there have been some serious fluctuations with some big name players. I'm hoping by posting these you can get an idea of which players you might have to reach for in your draft and which players might slide.

I wrote "liked it" and/or "didn't like it" notes after each round. If I didn't mention the pick, it basically means that it's pretty much where I'd expect them to go. In the later rounds, the "liked it" guys tend to be sleepers that you might want to remember over the next couple months.

Again, this is a PPR mock and you can check out how I ranked the Top 75 right here.

The owners in this mock consisted of some writers (their Twitter handles have hyperlinks) and some other fantasy diehards. This was a slow draft that ran from May 8th to May 31st. There were just a few autopicks, so this should be a good example of which players are buzzing and which ones aren't.

By the way, I actually did check if it's rabbit or duck season. It's not. Enjoy life, Daffy and Bugs.

It's football time for my Twitter handle

Rd 1 Team Player
1 @cleanwillyb Arian Foster
2 @Dan_DynastyFW Calvin Johnson
3 @phorts LeSean McCoy
4 @KeithTworek Ray Rice
5 @PFF_RossMiles Ryan Mathews
6 @MikeSGallagher Aaron Rodgers
7 @FF_Mastermind Cam Newton
8 @FantasyThrowdwn Maurice Jones-Drew
9 @johnraudebaugh Larry Fitzgerald
10 @JeffRatcliffe Rob Gronkowski
11 @PFF_BrianG Drew Brees
12 @kevingreenstein Jimmy Graham

Liked it: There wasn't a great value pick here. It's the first round.

Didn't like it: Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham

Rd 2 Team Player
1 @kevingreenstein A.J. Green
2 @PFF_BrianG Matt Forte
3 @JeffRatcliffe Chris Johnson
4 @johnraudebaugh Jamaal Charles
5 @FantasyThrowdwn Tom Brady
6 @FF_Mastermind Adrian Peterson
7 @MikeSGallagher
Darren McFadden
8 @PFF_RossMiles Trent Richardson
9 @KeithTworek Hakeem Nicks
10 @phorts Julio Jones
11 @Dan_DynastyFW Matthew Stafford
12 @cleanwillyb DeMarco Murray

Liked it: Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles

Didn't like it: A.J. Green, Matt Forte, Julio Jones

Rd 3 Team Player
1 @cleanwillyb Dez Bryant
2 @Dan_DynastyFW Andre Johnson
3 @phorts Wes Welker
4 @KeithTworek Roddy White
5 @PFF_RossMiles Greg Jennings
6 @MikeSGallagher Mike Wallace
7 @FF_Mastermind Kenny Britt
8 @FantasyThrowdwn Jason Pierre-Paul
9 @johnraudebaugh Darren Sproles
10 @JeffRatcliffe Marshawn Lynch
11 @PFF_BrianG Brandon Marshall
12 @kevingreenstein Miles Austin

Liked it: Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Marshawn Lynch

Didn't like it: Dez Bryant, Kenny Britt, Jason Pierre-Paul (hate this)

Quick note: I will never spend a high pick on an IDP guy. The positions are just too deep.

Rd 4 Team Player
1 @kevingreenstein Victor Cruz
2 @PFF_BrianG Vincent Jackson
3 @JeffRatcliffe Percy Harvin
4 @johnraudebaugh Jordy Nelson
5 @FantasyThrowdwn Jared Allen
6 @FF_Mastermind Steven Jackson
7 @MikeSGallagher
Steve Smith
8 @PFF_RossMiles Aaron Hernandez
9 @KeithTworek Doug Martin
10 @phorts Michael Vick
11 @Dan_DynastyFW Demaryius Thomas
12 @cleanwillyb Frank Gore

Liked it: Percy Harvin, Michael Vick, Frank Gore

Didn't like it: Vincent Jackson, Jared Allen (hate), Aaron Hernandez

Rd 5 Team Player
1 @cleanwillyb DeSean Jackson
2 @Dan_DynastyFW Fred Jackson
3 @phorts C.J. Spiller
4 @KeithTworek Jeremy Maclin
5 @PFF_RossMiles Brandon Lloyd
6 @MikeSGallagher Roy Helu
7 @FF_Mastermind Dwayne Bowe
8 @FantasyThrowdwn Marques Colston
9 @johnraudebaugh Antonio Brown
10 @JeffRatcliffe Stevie Johnson
11 @PFF_BrianG Patrick Willis
12 @kevingreenstein Jonathan Stewart

Liked it: Jeremy Maclin

Didn't like it: C.J. Spiller, Patrick Willis, Jonathan Stewart

Quick note: I took Roy Helu here and this was before Tim Hightower signed with the Redskins. I have soured on Helu a bit and I would have taken Reggie Bush.

Rd 6 Team Player
1 @kevingreenstein Matt Ryan
2 @PFF_BrianG Ahmad Bradshaw
3 @JeffRatcliffe Tony Romo
4 @johnraudebaugh Reggie Bush
5 @FantasyThrowdwn Vernon Davis
6 @FF_Mastermind Jermichael Finley
7 @MikeSGallagher
Michael Turner
8 @PFF_RossMiles Eli Manning
9 @KeithTworek Isaac Redman
10 @phorts Torrey Smith
11 @Dan_DynastyFW Beanie Wells
12 @cleanwillyb Antonio Gates

Liked it: Reggie Bush, Ahmad Bradshaw

Didn't like it: Isaac Redman, Torrey Smith

Rd 7 Team Player
1 @cleanwillyb Peyton Manning
2 @Dan_DynastyFW D'Qwell Jackson
3 @phorts Desmond Bishop
4 @KeithTworek Philip Rivers
5 @PFF_RossMiles Trent Cole
6 @MikeSGallagher Reggie Wayne
7 @FF_Mastermind Mario Williams
8 @FantasyThrowdwn Denarius Moore
9 @johnraudebaugh Ben Roethlisberger
10 @JeffRatcliffe Justin Tuck
11 @PFF_BrianG James Laurinaitis
12 @kevingreenstein Ben Tate

Liked it: Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Ben Tate (great handcuff with that pick)

Didn't like it: I don't have any problem with these picks. We can probably do away with the "didn't like it" notes.

Rd 8 Team Player
1 @kevingreenstein Demarcus Ware
2 @PFF_BrianG Jason Witten
3 @JeffRatcliffe Derrick Johnson
4 @johnraudebaugh Eric Decker
5 @FantasyThrowdwn Colin McCarthy
6 @FF_Mastermind Navorro Bowman
7 @MikeSGallagher
Brandon Pettigrew
8 @PFF_RossMiles Daryl Washington
9 @KeithTworek Jacob Tamme
10 @phorts Sean Lee
11 @Dan_DynastyFW Von Miller
12 @cleanwillyb Sidney Rice

Liked it: Eric Decker, Jason Witten

Rd 9
Team Player
1 @cleanwillyb Lawrence Timmons
2 @Dan_DynastyFW Fred Davis
3 @phorts Jahvid Best
4 @KeithTworek J.J. Watt
5 @PFF_RossMiles Sean Weatherspoon
6 @MikeSGallagher Shonn Greene
7 @FF_Mastermind Robert Meachem
8 @FantasyThrowdwn DeAngelo Williams
9 @johnraudebaugh Jermaine Gresham
10 @JeffRatcliffe Mark Ingram
11 @PFF_BrianG Justin Blackmon
12 @kevingreenstein Patrick Peterson

Liked it: Robert Meachem, Jahvid Best

Didn't like it: Justin Blackmon, Jermaine Gresham, Patrick Peterson

Rd 10
Team Player
1 @kevingreenstein Morris Claiborne
2 @PFF_BrianG Pierre Garcon
3 @JeffRatcliffe Paul Posluszny
4 @johnraudebaugh Andy Dalton
5 @FantasyThrowdwn David Wilson
6 @FF_Mastermind Michael Bush
7 @MikeSGallagher
Julius Peppers
8 @PFF_RossMiles Cameron Wake
9 @KeithTworek Ronnie Hillman
10 @phorts Terrell Suggs
11 @Dan_DynastyFW BenJarvus Green-Ellis
12 @cleanwillyb Brian Cushing

Liked it: Cameron Wake, David Wilson

Didn't like it: Morris Claiborne, Andy Dalton, T-Sizzle (duh)

Quick note: Just to drive home my point about the JPP pick in the third round, the guy that took JPP in the third took him over Marshawn Lynch and he took David Wilson in this round. I grabbed Julius Peppers and Ross Miles took Cameron Wake in this round. Which combo would you rather have: Marshawn Lynch and Peppers or JPP and David Wilson? Yeah.

Rd 11
Team Player
1 @cleanwillyb Santonio Holmes
2 @Dan_DynastyFW Eric Berry
3 @phorts Greg Little
4 @KeithTworek Calais Campbell
5 @PFF_RossMiles Chad Greenway
6 @MikeSGallagher Kam Chancellor
7 @FF_Mastermind Michael Crabtree
8 @FantasyThrowdwn Mike Williams (TB)
9 @johnraudebaugh Jason Babin
10 @JeffRatcliffe Michael Floyd
11 @PFF_BrianG Peyton Hillis
12 @kevingreenstein Jabaal Sheard

Liked it: Santonio Holmes, Greg Little

Didn't like it: Mike Williams, Michael Floyd

Rd 12 Team Player
1 @kevingreenstein Curtis Lofton
2 @PFF_BrianG Rashard Mendenhall
3 @JeffRatcliffe Pat Angerer
4 @johnraudebaugh Robert Griffin III
5 @FantasyThrowdwn Luke Kuechly
6 @FF_Mastermind LeGarrette Blount
7 @MikeSGallagher
Willis McGahee
8 @PFF_RossMiles Jon Beason
9 @KeithTworek Jerod Mayo
10 @phorts Tyvon Branch
11 @Dan_DynastyFW Chris Long
12 @cleanwillyb Jared Cook

Liked it: Curtis Lofton, Pat Angerer, RG3

Didn't like it: Rashard Mendenhall

Quick note: Willis at 139?

Rd 13 Team Player
1 @cleanwillyb Stephen Tulloch
2 @Dan_DynastyFW Titus Young
3 @phorts Mikel Leshoure
4 @KeithTworek James Anderson
5 @PFF_RossMiles Kyle Rudolph
6 @MikeSGallagher DeMeco Ryans
7 @FF_Mastermind Coby Fleener
8 @FantasyThrowdwn Anquan Boldin
9 @johnraudebaugh Ryan Williams
10 @JeffRatcliffe Stevan Ridley
11 @PFF_BrianG Elvis Dumervil
12 @kevingreenstein Aldon Smith

Liked it: James Anderson, Coby Fleener

Rd 14
Team Player
1 @kevingreenstein Carlos Dunlap
2 @PFF_BrianG Eric Weddle
3 @JeffRatcliffe George Wilson
4 @johnraudebaugh Ndamukong Suh
5 @FantasyThrowdwn Morgan Burnett
6 @FF_Mastermind Charles Johnson
7 @MikeSGallagher
Jay Cutler
8 @PFF_RossMiles Donald Brown
9 @KeithTworek Brian Quick
10 @phorts Josh Freeman
11 @Dan_DynastyFW LaMichael James
12 @cleanwillyb Lamar Miller

Liked it: Donald Brown, George Wilson

Didn't like it: LaMichael James

Rd 15
Team Player
1 @cleanwillyb London Fletcher
2 @Dan_DynastyFW Tony Gonzalez
3 @phorts Ray Lewis
4 @KeithTworek Dustin Keller
5 @PFF_RossMiles Lance Moore
6 @MikeSGallagher Mark Barron
7 @FF_Mastermind Matt Schaub
8 @FantasyThrowdwn Daniel Thomas
9 @johnraudebaugh Jason McCourty
10 @JeffRatcliffe Cliff Avril
11 @PFF_BrianG Brent Celek
12 @kevingreenstein Kendall Hunter

Liked it: Lance Moore

Rd 16
Team Player
1 @kevingreenstein Jairus Byrd
2 @PFF_BrianG Rolando McClain
3 @JeffRatcliffe Donald Butler
4 @johnraudebaugh James Starks
5 @FantasyThrowdwn Justin Smith
6 @FF_Mastermind Kelvin Sheppard
7 @MikeSGallagher
Darrius Heyward-Bey
8 @PFF_RossMiles Roman Harper
9 @KeithTworek Joe Flacco
10 @phorts Perry Riley
11 @Dan_DynastyFW Andrew Luck
12 @cleanwillyb Robert Quinn

Liked it: Donald Butler, James Starks, Kelvin Sheppard

Rd 17 Team Player
1 @cleanwillyb Chris Clemons
2 @Dan_DynastyFW Brian Urlacher
3 @phorts Adrian Clayborn
4 @KeithTworek Karlos Dansby
5 @PFF_RossMiles Sam Bradford
6 @MikeSGallagher Isaiah Pead
7 @FF_Mastermind Clay Matthews
8 @FantasyThrowdwn Lardarius Webb
9 @johnraudebaugh Charles Tillman
10 @JeffRatcliffe Kendall Wright
11 @PFF_BrianG Haloti Ngata
12 @kevingreenstein Marcell Dareus

Liked it: Chris Clemons, Karlos Dansby

Rd 18 Team Player
1 @kevingreenstein Pat Chung
2 @PFF_BrianG Courtney Upshaw
3 @JeffRatcliffe Bernard Pollard
4 @johnraudebaugh Kevin Burnett
5 @FantasyThrowdwn Owen Daniels
6 @FF_Mastermind Laurent Robinson
7 @MikeSGallagher
David Harris
8 @PFF_RossMiles Mike Goodson
9 @KeithTworek Reuben Randle
10 @phorts Pierre Thomas
11 @Dan_DynastyFW Osi Umenyiora
12 @cleanwillyb Shane Vereen

Liked it: Shane Vereen, Bernard Pollard

Rd 19
Team Player
1 @cleanwillyb Brandon LaFell
2 @Dan_DynastyFW Austin Collie
3 @phorts Felix Jones
4 @KeithTworek Earl Thomas
5 @PFF_RossMiles Leonard Hankerson
6 @MikeSGallagher Greg Olsen
7 @FF_Mastermind Tamba Hali
8 @FantasyThrowdwn Jake Locker
9 @johnraudebaugh Geno Atkins
10 @JeffRatcliffe Nick Barnett
11 @PFF_BrianG Ed Reed
12 @kevingreenstein Kellen Winslow

Liked it: Brandon LaFell

Rd 20 Team Player
1 @kevingreenstein Carson Palmer
2 @PFF_BrianG Charles Woodson
3 @JeffRatcliffe Matt Flynn
4 @johnraudebaugh Toby Gerhart
5 @FantasyThrowdwn LaMarr Woodley
6 @FF_Mastermind Ahtyba Rubin
7 @MikeSGallagher
Bobby Wagner
8 @PFF_RossMiles LaRon Landry
9 @KeithTworek James Harrison
10 @phorts T.J. Ward
11 @Dan_DynastyFW Jacquizz Rodgers
12 @cleanwillyb Troy Polamalu

Liked it: T.J. Ward, Toby Gerhart

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