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Deep League Fantasy Fishing Week 12/13

Chris Archer to the aide of a fallen Hellboy.
Chris Archer to the aide of a fallen Hellboy.

Every week I give pick-up suggestions for leagues that are of the deeper variety. These suggestions aren't for everyone because that would just be dumb. These leagues are usually scrapping the bottom of the waiver wire looking for the week's useful guy or an injury replacement for a few days or even weeks. So turn your attention to the few suggestions I have this week.

Casey McGehee 3B PIT - I know what you're thinking and your probably right you stopped reading after you read this guys name. I personally don't blame you, I am not a huge Casey backer after getting burned last year by his shenanigans. But hear me out. Last 7 games, .407 BA 2 Hr's and 8 rib-eye's. Oh and the runs scored for a team last in the majors in runs...6. He isn't, I repeat is not a winner that you go to MLB and buy his jersey now but for a fill-in for Mitch Moreland sure.

Chris Archer SP TB - Gets the call for the game tonight. Was one of the main pieces in the Matt Garza deal, and so far this year in the minors he has done.. OK. Worth at least one pat on the back, which is better then a kick 4 inches lower. Like most youngsters control will be his undoing, K/BB rate in the minors this year is only 2/1, but if he K's 8 would you really care about the 3-4 walks. Yea me either. Does well here you get 2 bonus starts next week.

Continue reading for the next few fellas i divulge into.

Joel Carreno RP/SP TOR - Get's the call to help the Blue Jays patch together a starting rotation. He has a promising arm that can get into the mid 90's but once again he is young and the rule of thumb or hand or whatever is control is his undoing. Has a nice enough line-up behind him that depending on match-ups he could be a decent plug and play for the deeper formats for now.

Luis Valbuena 3B CHC - Playing everyday. Ian Stewart who? Yea exactly. Raise your hand if you thought that Stewart was going to resurrect his career in the Windy City. Well it's fine we all know who you are regardless. All he needs is ab's and I think he can chisel out some value. Not HOF type stuff but .275 with 8-10 dingers the rest of the way, a handful of steals wouldn't be out of the question either.

Joe Kelly SP STL - I see his name and it's just vanilla. There are 4,239,184 people names Joe Kelly in the world, I counted. This is the only one that plays for the 'Lou. it doesn't matter what pedigree the player is he becomes a different player with the Cardinals. A projected lower end of the rotation guy he has never really had a dominating stop in his minor league career, but he get's 2 starts in the next 7 days against KC and Pit. Could do worse, right?