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SB Nation's Pick 6 Daily Fantasy Game Update

Folks, if you aren't playing SB Nation's Pick 6 game, you are missing out. It is a fun way to extend your hunger for anything fantasy baseball. Plenty of Fake Teams writers are participating, and we want you to join the daily league and show us your smarts. You can play the daily Pick 6 here everyday, matching your fantasy knowledge against the likes of Jason, Robert, Craig, Bret, Smokeymcpots, Dukeallstar and I. We have added a Pick 6 tab at the top of the front page, as well as on the left side of the page, so there are several place to enter your daily rosters.

Yesterday we only had 22 players and since we are a fantasy site, I think that number should be much higher. The leaderboard as of 12:10 last evening was as follows:

Rank Player Points
1 Jason Hunt 85.8
2 Tcepnt 62.9
3 Papakvys 59.4
4 KeithyP 58.1
5 bretsayre 50.4
6 littleroush12 46.4
7 mikero 46.0
8 Chris Buckley 43.5
9 dukeallstar 41.1
10 Kanenite 39.2

I will be posting a weekly Pick 6 advice article here at Fake Teams, so if you need some help, we can offer advice on a regular basis going forward.

So, go ahead and submit your rosters for Tuesday's Pick 6 games. The Pick 6 Game Rules are after the jump:


Every day you can pick 6 MLB players that have a combined value of up to $120:
  • 1 Catcher (C)
  • 1 Corner Infielder (1B or 3B)
  • 1 Middle Infielder (2B or SS)
  • 1 Outfielder (OF)
  • 1 Starting Pitcher (SP)
  • 1 Relief Pitcher (RP)

Edit and save your entry until the first MLB game starts for the day. No changes can be made and no lineups can be submitted after the first pitch of the first game.

Collect points based on your players' performance for the day. For more information on the scoring system, please see How Scoring Works.

If you choose a player who is playing in a doubleheader, you are required to choose which game of the doubleheader you want to count towards your team's point total.

If you choose a relief pitcher who starts a game, you will receive no credit for his statistics for that day. Only relief appearances count towards RP statistics.

The entry with the most points at the end of the day wins, and results are tabulated over time for long-term prizes to be awarded.

"PTS LAST GAME" indicates a player's score from the last game their team played, not necessarily their last appearance. This helps a user easily determine who plays every day and who is less likely to make an appearance. It also is helpful when looking for a fresh reliever to insert into your lineup.

Doubleheaders: A player will only be given credit for one game a day. Users will be given the choice to pick which game a player's statistics will count from in a doubleheader while picking their lineup for the day.

Rainouts: Due to the daily nature of Pick 6, users will not receive any points if a player in their lineup does not play due to a postponement or a rainout, nor does Pick 6 include the completion of suspended games as part of the scoring system.

Weekly leaderboards are calculated from Monday to Sunday. Player prices change every Monday. Please see the pricing section for more details.

Daily player picks are generated at midnight the night before any given day. If a player is called up from the minor leagues on Monday morning, he won't be eligible to be picked until Tuesday.


Pricing is determined by two factors: performance and popularity. Every week, a Pick 6 algorithm measures the statistical output of every player for the preceding week, taking into account how often each player was selected for a lineup in Pick 6.

Player prices are protected against excessive devaluation – Values can only drop a maximum of $1 per week.

For example, Jose Bautista is worth $60 and goes on the Disabled List for 5 weeks; his value would still be $55 when he starts to play again. Inversely, a player who was out of action for a very long time, such as Buster Posey last season, may be inexpensive upon his return to action but could quickly rise in price based on his usage.

At the end of the week, prices will change and reflect upon Monday morning’s player pricing.


A detailed table of the scoring methodology for Pick 6 can be seen below. Successful players will strike a balance between brand name players and under the radar talent to take their lineup to the next level.

AB -1.0
H 5.6
2B 2.9
3B 5.7
HR 9.4
BB 3.0
HBP 3.0
SB 1.9
CS -2.8
IP 2.5
H -1.3
K 1.0
BB -1.5
HBP -1.5
HR -6.5
IP 5.0
H -2.6
K 2.0
BB -3.0
HBP -3.0
HR -13.0
HLD 4.0
SV 5.0