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Deep League Fantasy Fishing - Week 7/8

Larry David can stop looking we have the Cobb salad right here.
Larry David can stop looking we have the Cobb salad right here.

Every week I give pick-up suggestions for leagues that are of the deeper variety. These suggestions aren't for everyone because that would just be dumb. These leagues are usually scrapping the bottom of the waiver wire looking for the week's useful guy or an injury replacement for a few days or even weeks. So turn your attention to the few suggestions I have this week.

Alex Cobb SP TB - While nothing has been announced for Jeff Niemann's next scheduled start, I fully expect Alex to jump up and take it. In 9 starts last year, he went 3-2 with a 3.42 ERA and a mid 6 K/9. In the minors his K/9 average hovers above 9, so the skill is there but tempered to some degree. Like any young pitcher walks are the teenage acne that they must fend off. He gets 2 starts in the next week starting Saturday vs the Braves and a friday tilt next week in Beantown.

Daniel Nava OF BOS - You ever sit at a craps table and leave when your hot and a on streak. Me neither. Well that's what this is a "heater", he is hitting and hitting a ton. He is 8-15 since being called up with a lot of counting stats. Now no one expects it to last but isn't it more fun to gamble on a guy like this then cheer when someone like Delmon Young goes 1-4 and we say "Hey it's a good start"

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Manny Ramirez DH OAK - Manny is eventually coming back. He recently reported to extended spring training in preparation that he will be eligible to return on May 30th. Now leagues that have a DH spot if isn't owned already burn a bench spot, for other leagues this is a monitor closely situation. He is going to get plenty of playing time in DH spot. He will lose 6 games in June when they travel to NL parks, but it should give you a week's worth of AB's to see if he is worthy of a spot. Be early or don't complain.

Elliot Johnson 3B/SS TB - A jack of all trades and as a Yankee fan I still remember him more famously for breaking Cervelli's wrist in a Spring Training game. Well we will fast forward to the past 7 games and see what he has done, more like what hasn't he done, he is batting .500 with 5 runs and 3 Sb's. As a multiple position eligible guy me likey even more. Longoria isn't walking through the door any time soon and Maddon likes to play scrappy guys who are hot.

Gregor Blanco OF SF - My first repeat offender. I had previously opined about Gregor early in the year when the"Oxymoron" was injured. Now Bochy has said that he has anointed him as the Giants starting RF. Now that's like having a less stale cracker in a package of stale crackers. He still is a high OBP guy who likes to run. I say if you missed out on what Campana is doing then you could have the next best thing.

Kyle Kendrick SP PHI - With Worley just hitting the DL Kendrick get's the spot start tonite and will be a 2 start threat for next week as well. Kendrick is your run of the mill back end starter that has FB tendencies. In a H2H match-up this week and next it's always good to jump on the counting stats factor, if he gets that far for next week.

Tim Byrdak RP NYM - He is quoted mimicking Vin Diesel as saying "I like to live my life 1/3 of an inning at a time", OK well I just made that up. The back end of the Mets bullpen looks like a scrap yard of really tall tattooed guys and an unreliable closer. It's the perfect situation to grab the everyday LOOGY that is getting it done with 9 holds this year. You say your league doesn't count holds, I say your league is boring.