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Deep League Fantasy Fishing

Making Max proud.
Making Max proud.

Well I don't know about you but I don't play in too many leagues that are 12 teams or less. Even my 12 team leagues have rosters that are really deep or of the dynasty variety. So I am here to hold your hand as we go fishing for winners in the opening week of fantasy baseball. Now these names aren't for everyone, I know this. I am a realist. Or is it impressionist? I always forget. Anyways the one with out the art. So think broader based league scoring and/or roster depth when taking these names into account. So with out further adieu we present the initial installment of the weekly series of Deep league fishing.

Jason Castro C HOU - 2 catcher leagues seem to be the new cat's pajamas. My cat doesn't even wear pajamas,nor has any money or sewing capabilities to make them. Castro returns from injury to be planted in the middle of a lineup that, Como si dice, is awful. A healthy platoon with Chris Snyder should do well to keep him fresh. Spring stats mean bubbkus, but he is getting ab's and hitting .341. Staying healthy is the key component here for the former burgeoning prospect. He isn't going to do "it" for ya stat wise, but counting stats are counting stats.

Robert Andino 2B BAL - B-Rob is still mending his gourd. Andino filled in somewhat surprising last year managing to get on base at a decent clip and score 63 runs. He isn't awesome at any one stat but could net you a few homers and a few steals here and there.

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Will Venable OF SD - Quentin's injury has opened the door for everyday at bats. Will is not so good versus the south paws, but really never has been given a true chance to get regular at bast against them either. Speed is the key here. He basically is the poor man's version of the same guy on his team, Cam Maybin. Maybe it's just me but I see a little something in Venable for the start of the year. Should only face one lefty the entire first week either with Saunders going for Arizona mid week or Capuano in the weekend series for the Dodgers.

Lance Lynn SP STL - Gets the vacated spot left by Carpenter. Could be a nice streamer add for late in the week for his start versus the Cubs.. Decent track record starting in minors, with a 7.74 K/9 rate. He could be a good 6-7th SP on your roster all year or just a weekly streamer/2 start guy.

Joel Carreno SP TOR - Best thing about him is he retains dual eligibility in most formats. Was used as a reliever briefly last year for the Blue Jays, but was a starter in minors posting great K numbers. Gets 2 decent matchups in Cleveland and home against the Orioles. Walks could be his undoing in this try out to stay in the rotation. See how sundays start goes before getting all add happy though.

Luis Mendoza SP KC - I am big into maximizing the spots on a roster from week to week. Mendoza takes over for Felipe Paulino in the KC rotation. He gets 2 starts right out of the gate against favorable teams Clev/Oak. His K rate in spring training doesn't match his career minor league numbers so it may be a little fluky. KC is going to score some runs this year, only problem is they are going to give up a ton. Good chase early on for wins.

Tom Wilhelmsen RP SEA - I love me some T-Wil. If I showed you his bio it would look eerily similar to Jeremy Jeffress. Big, tall, hard thrower and in a great position in Seattle if and when the Mariners decide to discard valuable goods like Brandon League. Deeper leagues with roster space that have room for a guy that has the capability to not only close and give you a K/IN need to take notice.