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Seesaw Report

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So...anyone interesting get called up this week? Oh yeah...Mike Trout and Bryce Harper we called up on the same day and essentially broke the internet. I already wrote a separate post on Harper, and Ray covered both of them earlier, so I am mentioning them now and won't address them after the jump. All else equal, I like Trout over Harper for the rest of the season. He won't have Harper's power but is more polished and ready for the big leagues at the moment, and can contribute a fair bit more in stolen bases. I do worry about Mike Scioscia showing his allegiances to his veterans, but if they have equal playing time, Trout is my guy. If you need power though, go Harper.

More after the jump...

Pitchers Up

AJ Burnett - Activated from the DL early in the week, Burnett has pitched twice already and been solid both times. He remains a good matchup play in all leagues, and potentially more than that given his transition to the NL.

Randy Wells - The converted catcher was recalled and is pitching today for the Cubs. I've actually streamed him in one league as he's been decent in the past in strikeouts, and frankly...I just need the help. It wouldn't surprise me if he performed better than the Cubs back end starters given the opportunity, but I don't know that he gets it. Always like the arm.

Nate Eovaldi - Called up to replace the guy who replaced Matt Guerrier, Eovaldi was highly impressive as a starter last season down the stretch. I don't see the Dodgers using him that way, but he could be a multiple-inning reliever in the same way the Rangers are using Robbie Ross, and could be interesting in deeper leagues if so.

Jarrod Parker - With an impressive debut where Parker avoided his big bugaboo, walks, Parker is an excellent acquisition in any league. He's probably not above replacement level in 10 team mixed leagues at the moment, but he has the upside to be there and should be rostered in any format right now.

Pitchers Down

Graham Godfrey - I played against people who used Godfrey in the last couple weeks, so apparently some were affected when he was optioned to Triple-A. My assumption is that he'll be riding the shuttle from Triple-A to the Majors all season and remains an aggressively mediocre option when he's up.

Jair Jurrjens - And so ends (for now) our long national nightmare of listening to announcers attempt to pronounce his name. Jurrjens has been a candidate for significant regression for years now and it just seems to be catching up to him this year. We'll see if he can figure something out in Triple-A but he's always been a 4/5 guy to me. I'd expect to see him back eventually, though it's not as if Atlanta is lacking in other options. Feel free to cut him for the flavor of the week.

Fautino De Los Santos - Remember when people thought he was going to be a closer for the A's? Well now he's got a chance of being that for the Sacramento River Cats. He might surface again later in the season, but I'd be quite surprised if he ever sniffs the closer role in Oakland even if/when Balfour gets moved.

Hitters Up

Tony Campana - Campana gets the call due to Marlon Byrd shipping up to Boston. I don't think much of Campana aside from the fast that he is very, very fast, but it's not as though he had big shoes to fill. He should get solid playing time until Brett Jackson gets called up, and can help you in stolen bases and nothing else.

Lars Anderson - A name prospect watchers will know from several years ago, Anderson's play stagnated beginning at Double-A a few years back. He's since lost his luster, but remains a viable bench option for a team, and could get some playing time given the Red Sox outfield woes. Marlon Byrd can only stand in someone's way for so long, right?

Jordany Valdespin - I tweeted about this move when it happened (@cdgoldstein) but Valdespin is something of an interesting guy. He'll likely be a utility guy for now, but is someone to keep an eye on if he can get the playing time. The last interesting guy the Mets called up has been doing just fine...

Jarrod Dyson - I mentioned him on the first Seesaw report and he's notable much in the same way that Campana is. He's exceptionally fast. He replaces Jason Bourgeois, whom the Royals traded for over the winter. Mitch Maier is the only person in Dyson's way for playing time, though the Royals are confusingly attached to him. I like him if he has the playing time.

Hitters Down

Brandon Inge - This was a long time coming. He hasn't been able to hit for...well ever, and he hasn't hit for good power in years. He's a huge plus on the defensive side when he plays third, but he takes more away at the plate than he gives in the field. A move that needed to be made and I hope to god it didn't affect anyone's fantasy teams.

Bobby Abreu - Boy it was a bad week for players that haven't produced much in the last 3 years wasn't it? The most I can say about this is that it opened up a spot for Trout. That SHOULD be all the fantasy impact that move had, and if it had more, well, it could be a long season for you.

Ryan Zimmerman - Vacating a spot for Bryce Harper, Zimmerman was sent to the DL with right shoulder soreness. I wouldn't expect him to miss too much more than the minimum, though he's had issues with his shoulder in the past. The real question will be does Harper stay when Zimmerman returns.