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Deep League Fantasy Fishing - Week 5

Who plays fantasy baseball in waders? This guy that's who.
Who plays fantasy baseball in waders? This guy that's who.

This weekly post takes a look at the world of fantasy fishing. What lures to use and where to get the best fresh bait. Seriously, no. Just no. I mean I am all for the great outdoors and getting drunk in a canoe but I will draw the line at playing fantasy sports if there is a fantasy anglers league. I mean there probably is somewhere and I mean no disrespect, but wow. So onto week 5's look at some "off the beaten path" fellas that may help your deep fantasy team for the short run. These suggestions are for leagues larger than 14 teams and aren't for everyone, so no yelling.

Hector Sanchez C SF - The problem in San Fran is too many guys are raising their hand to play all the same positions. It's like when we were kids the coach said run out to the position you wanna play, meanwhile you have 8 OF's and 5 guys at 1B. SF needs to get a set situational line-up, it's frustrating for me and I am not even a Giants fan. They need offense and a lot of it. Their best line-up is with Posey playing everyday(Either at 1B or C) and Schierholtz in RF. So on days when the line-up makes sense you have this guy to put in as a 2nd catcher.

Will Middlebrooks 3B BOS - Absolutely mashing in AAA, a bench spot in leagues that may be deeper then normal and don't have a MILB roster is where he is going to find his fantasy roster niche. Would need a injury to Youk, which on odds chance is pretty good. What's the worst thing that happens you drop him in 2 weeks when you need a spot starter.

Rick Ankiel OF WAS - Regular reps is what my imaginary trainer says to me when I am not really working out. He is the only real CF on the MLB roster, I said MLB roster here. Isn't going to wow you with a great BA, but can be a 10/10 guy. He is a very streaky player and riding streaks is best for baseball and windows. So in this case it's pretty obvious.

Tony Campana OF CHC - I like his chances to see increased playing time. His only competition is Reed Johnson and a guy who was cut from 3 teams last year, Joe Mather. Has speed to burn and may be a good plug and play on days when the Cubbies play an early game and your stuck with a whole in your OF.

Marco Estrada SP MIL - Good first outing last Saturday with 9 k's. The 5th spot in the rotation is all his as they sent down uber prospect Wily Peralta on Monday. Could be a great match-up guy based on the propensity for the Brewers to score and score in bunches. Will be effective until teams figure him out which is usually 3-4 starts.

Mitchell Boggs RP STL - At my core I am a pitching guy. Even further into the core I am a relief pitching nut. Boggs has carved a nice little spot out in the post LaRussa bullpen to be both effective and reliable. Will he ever garner save chances prolly not but ratios galore. Holds leagues are just starting to notice which means his value is increasing.

Michael Bowden RP CHC - Recently traded for "the Word". Look closer at why Theo would want this guy. Hmmmm....Besides the fact that he knows about him as a former Red Sox farm hand, oh he closed last year in Pawtucket. Very interesting. Marmol isn't the long term answer there and all their younger arms aren't ready for prime time yet. Between him and what we have seen in the Cubs bullpen, I would say he has a fighting chance to push his name into the fore front.

Ryan Cook RP Oak - I love relievers and stashing relievers that are still MILB eligible is an added bonus. Guy was an add on player in the Cahill trade in the off season. Doesn't have the K potential to be an elite guy, but is a great groundball guy that gets outs. Holds leagues with deep benches should find a spot for him.