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Fake Teams 2012 Weekly Fantasy Baseball Schedule

I hope we helped you get through the long offseason from the last out of the World Series to the first pitch on Opening Day. We brought you rankings of all sorts from rankings by position to tiered rankings to prospect rankings, along with player analysis, prospect profiles, prospect comparisons, team by team previews and fantasy spotlights, team by team minor league monitors, weekly chats, and all sorts of other fantasy baseball coverage. But, that was just the beginning.

Now that the season is about to start, we plan to provide you with expanded fantasy baseball coverage on a daily basis here at Fake Teams. Here is our weekly schedule going forward:


Roto Roundup - Ray

Two Start Pitchers - Robert

Minor League Level Review - Jason

H2H Matchup Advice - Kevin

FAAB Waiver Wire - Markus

In the Roto Roundup, I will highlight some of the top performances from the previous day's games.

Robert will take a look at the two start pitchers for the upcoming week to help you decide which pitchers to put in your lineups each week.

In the Minor League Level Review, Jason will summarize some of the top prospect performances in one of the minor leagues each week. He will focus on one minor league level each week.

Kevin will offer advice on which pitchers and hitters to start each week in your H2H Points leagues in his weekly H2H Matchup Advice.

Markus will offer FAAB advice for those of you who participate in leagues where you have a free agent budget.


Roto Roundup - Ray

Coming Soon to a Ballpark Near You - Jason

Weekly Closer Report - smokeymcpots

AL-Only Deep League Player Analysis - Marc

Fun with FIP- - Kenny

Jason will highlight a prospect who is on the verge of a call up in his Coming Soon to a Ballpark Near You articles.

Smokeymcpots will rank the closers and top middle relievers in his Closer Report.

Marc will analyze an AL-only player in his AL-only Deep League Player Analysis piece each week.

In the Fun with FIP- article, Kenny will highlight some pitchers who are performing/not performing well according to this sabremetric stat.

The rest of our schedule after the jump:


Roto Roundup - Ray

Prospect Review - Craig G.

Double Play Depth - Bret

H2H Waiver Wire - Kevin

Ricecapades - Paul

Player Analysis - Craig B.

Craig G. will analyze a deep league minor league prospect in his Prospect Review pieces.

Bret will take a look at some middle infielders that are hot/cold in his Double Play Depth article each week.

Kevin will offer waiver wire advice for H2H Points leagues in his H2H Waiver Wire articles.

In the Ricecapades articles, Paul will take a look at some of the top stories/fantasy performers two times per week.

Craig Brown will write a weekly article on Tuesday's covering a variety of fantasy baseball topics.


Roto Roundup - Ray

Minor League Level Review - Jason

Deep League Waiver Wire - smokeymcpots

NL-Only Deep League Player Analysis - Marc

Kenny's Random Thoughts - Kenny

Smokeymcpots offers you waiver wire advice for deep leagues in his Deep League Waiver Wire piece.

Marc will analyze an NL-only player in his NL-only Deep League Player Analysis piece each week.

Kenny will provide his take on some recent happenings/player news that will impact fantasy owners.


Roto Roundup - Ray

Coming Soon to a Ballpark Near You - Craig G.

Ricecapades - Paul


Roto Roundup - Ray

Prospect Review - Jason

Ahead of the Curve - Bret

Don't Believe the Hype - Marc

Stories from a Co-GM -Robert

Fangraph Fridays - Kenny

Bret takes a longer term view for some starting pitchers in his Ahead of the Curve piece, where he will look at pitchers with the easiest/toughest schedules 4-6 weeks out.

Marc will take a look at players who may not be as good as they have recently shown in his Don't Believe the Hype articles.

Kenny will offer various tidbits/advice based on some sabremetric stats from Fangraphs in his Fangraph Fridays articles.


Roto Roundup - Ray

Call-Ups/Demotions - Craig G.

Keeper League Confidential - Paul

Craig G. will take a look at some prospects who have been recently called up/sent down in his Call-Ups/Demotions articles.

In his Keeper League Confidential pieces, Paul will offer advice for those of you in dynasty/keeper leagues.

In addition to all of this coverage, we will also address any breaking news, such as trades, injuries, prospect call ups and other player analysis pieces. I will host a fantasy baseball chat once a week, most likely on Monday nights, but that could change as the season progresses.

In addition, Mike Gallagher will provide a weekly Injury Report, offering his take on players currently on the DL.

If there is anything else that you would like to see us cover, feel free to let me know in the comments section.