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Deep League Fantasy Fishing Week 3/4

Hey Jhonny?  Wanna be double play partners?
Hey Jhonny? Wanna be double play partners?

Every week I write this I seem to think of the Sopranos episode where Tony took Sal Bonpensiero out for a ride on The Stugats. Not that fantasy baseball has anything to do with murdering rats, though that maybe a good idea for a stat category. So things are starting to settle in and we can see who is playing everyday and who is struggling. It is still a marathon so don't do anything hasty just yet, trading for guys that are down in value now is probably the best piece of advice for this week. Don't overpay, but 80 cents on the dollar is better than missing the "boat" all together. Enjoy the week to come and questions, comments or a pat on the back are always welcomed.

Steve Clevenger C CHC - All the dude does is hit and get on base. He is like Rogers Hornsby wearing the tools of ignorance. Too bad they have Soto in the way. I smell an assassination attempt in the making. I kid, killing people is bad, unless its a money league.

Emmanuel Burriss 2B SF - Playing and seeing regular at bats is important. To me he is the NL version of Alexei Casilla in Minnesota, which for all intents and purposes isn't awful and isn't great by any stretch. But if your struggling finding everyday at-bats or need an injury fill-in for a struggling bat you drafted, yeah I am talking about you Danny Espinosa you could do worse then getting counting stats.

Brandon Inge 3B DET - Off the DL and is going to see regular playing time at 2B, maybe. Add in the 3B eligibility and its like fantasy gumbo. Minus the frequent trips to the john. Has the love of Leyland which is always very important. Has potential to be a high teens HR guy at a MI spot. Yum.

Clete Thomas OF MIN - Kind of got mixed emotions about him. He was recently let go by the Tigers and landed in Minnesota. Has decent 5-6th OF ability with the potential for more if given the AB's. Should see time when everyone else in Minnesota plays a different position, Mauer at DH and Doumit at C mostly. Could be a sneaky grab in leagues deeper than 16 as a plug and play on days you know he will be in the line-up.

David DeJesus OF CHC - When he plays he scores. It's a sad state of affairs but its the truth. The Cubs have no stability in their OF at all. A complete turnover of player personnel is prolly coming if they can find someone stupid enough to take on "the Wurd" or "swing and miss Soriano"

A.J. Pollock OF ARI - Getting recalled to help with the OF ouchies. With both Krispie and J-Upside hurting he may see some chances to get AB's. His minor league numbers are limited on power but his OBP and steals could become useful.

Jason Marquis SP MIN - Gets the start tonight against the Yankees so monitor wisely as he will be a 2 start guy for the following week with match-ups versus Boston and KC. Isn't going to give you anything spectacular K wise but he is a streaky pitcher and streaks have to start somewhere.

Jason Hammel SP BAL - Pitching decent, or at least for him it is decent. Get's the Pale Hose on Friday with an ok match-up vs Floyd. Next week he is matched up versus Toronto at home versus Kyle Drabek. You could do worse for streaming purposes.

Tyson Ross SP OAK - Pitched semi-respectable last night, and that start is what you can expect. Minus the bullpen blowing the game for him. Gets 2 starts next week so a positive is found everywhere.

Craig Stammen RP WAS - A reliever that vultures wins, sign me up. Oh... he strikes out guys too. Can I sign up twice? No, damn you rules and your....rules. Based on your league setting he may have dual eligibility which is sexy as you can put him in a SP slot when you don't have a SP pitching.

Juan Cruz RP PIT - Got the save last night as Hanrahan tweaked his hammy. Could be a decent weekend fill in until we find out more about said hammy. Always has been a solid what if guy because of the K rate, so I guess we are seeing if, but on a temporary basis.