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Fantasy Baseball: Minor League Coverage

Throughout the season, we will be providing coverage of the minor leagues for all you deep league and dynasty league owners. Be sure to stick with Fake Teams throughout the season for all your fantasy baseball coverage. Here's what we've had in the last two weeks:

Sundays and Wednesdays: Minor League Level Review

Starting Levels for Prospects

AAA Level Review - 4/8

AA Level Review - Coming 4/15

High-A Level Review - 4/11

Low-A Level Review - Coming 4/18

Mondays: Coming Soon to A Stadium Near You

4/2 - Nolan Arenado

4/9 - Jarrod Parker

Tuesdays: Prospect Preview

4/3 - Javier Baez

4/10 - Garrett Gould

Thursdays: Waiting In the Wings

4/5 - James Paxton

4/12 - Gary Brown

Fridays: Low Level Prospect Review

4/6 - Cody Buckel

4/13 - Archie Bradley

Saturdays: See Saw Report - 4/7,

Excerpts from Prospect Chats

4/8 - Baseball Prospectus' Jason Parks

4/8 - Baseball America's Jim Callis and J.J. Cooper