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Deep League Fantasy Fishing - Week 3

Don't pout. You will get more playing time.
Don't pout. You will get more playing time.

Ahh... the life at sea, fantasy that is. It's still way too early to push the panic button on anyone that is fringe rosterable right yet. But just in case I figure I would drop some knowledge and give my 3 cents on some deeper league looks. The season so far seems to be dominated early on by SP, I may be wrong but that's the way I am seeing it. SP are getting the early jump on batters and pretty soon that tide will turn. Practice patience and all will come to fruition. So on with the good stuff enough fodder. Here we have some week 3 deeper league adds and up-in-comers as I see them for the next week of fantasy baseball.

Humberto Quintero C KC - Branyan Pena just plain sucks out loud, sorry KC fans. Berto only needs to hold the fort down til about the AS break. A starting catcher is a starting catcher is a starting catcher. Are you getting this point yet?

Daric Barton 1B OAK - Brandon Allen got the heave ho. Kila is still in house, sorta. Injuries have rubbed the varnish off of the OBP wizard. He is basically a worse hitting option then Casey Kotchman. So its like buying a cereal that is sugar free, what's the point? None the who he is starting and will get regular AB's as per manager Bob Melvin.

Brandon Crawford SS SF - Quick name me the competition at SS for Brandon Crawford? Yea there isn't any. He hasn't even been born yet I don't think. Decent mid range pop for a SS, getting some decent RBI looks. Only sad face is he offers no speed. Wah wah. Hey at least there is one rosterable Crawford still in the majors.

Ruben Tejada MI NYM - Hitting lead off and doing quite well with the stick, 6 hits and 3 runs scored in last 3 games. Should still see regular at-bats in the lineup just maybe not at the top of the order. Is Andres Torres that much better in the one hole than Tejada has been doing though?

Kirk Nieuwenhuis OF NYM - Some rookie schnookie, Andres Torres fell down and went boom. Kirk has never been an overly hyped prospect, but will see regular Ab's and plays a decent CF. Could give you a 12/12 line if given the Ab's.

Jordan Schafer OF HOU - Stringing along some nice games in a row. Not going to do much power wise, but coming off a 3 hit and 3 SB affair. Kid reminds me off a pale version of Lorenzo Cain. Great opportunity as he will receive tons of AB's to fail in Houston. Could be a sneaky 30 steal guy by year's end if he can keep up the OBP.

Gregor Blanco OF SF - Bochy and his huge head started thinking and he couldn't stop so he over thinks. Give the guy some at bats for crying out loud. What's the worse thing that could happen? He hits like Angel Pagan.

Philip Humber SP CHW - Maximize the work place, max stats through multiple starts. Get's the Orioles at home and Blake Beavan in Seattle. 'Nuff said. Has a good BAA, as he mixes up speed and location nicely. Teams that struggle with the bat plus a guy who makes others bat poorly equals a roster spot.

Joe Weiland SP SD - Down goes Moseley and with Stauffer already on the mend it looks like the Padres rotation has some holes for the game on Saturday. Yea it's not at Petco, but it is against the Dodgers and at Chavez. Great K/BB rate in minors and showed decent stuff in ST, besides the ERA.

Casey Janssen RP TOR - The whole Sergio thing is overblown right? They have CoCo there just in case, but what if you wanna think outside the box and be in the box next door. Ponder that for a second. Staying 2 steps ahead, if you have the roster space, is fantasy gold.