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Fantasy Baseball Links 3-9-12

Brennan Boesch, A Legitimate Sleeper? | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

The only question remains if Boesch can put together two solids half. I am will to pay to find out. 25 HR very possible for Boesch.

The projection systems on FanGraphs are all rather consistent with Boesch, with a wOBA range of .334 on the low end to .347 on the high end. His offensive upside is not tremendous, but he has a good opportunity to perform well in each fantasy counting stat. There is no reason to overdraft Boesch. Missing out on him in the draft will not be close to season threating, but keep an eye on him in the later parts of the draft for a cheap source of runs and power.

The Most Undervalued Pitchers | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Morrow will challenge the 200K threshold. If he can lessen the long ball, you have a guy that will go sub 4.00 in ERA. The K/9 is elite. I am looking for Morrow to take another step forward this year.

Brandon Morrow ADP Rank: 51 My Rank: 31 Surprise, surprise, the sabermetric darling and anti-Matt Cain makes an appearance once again. There’s really nothing I can say that hasn’t been said before. The bottom line is that he has either suffered from some really poor luck and will be an absolute bargain in fantasy leagues this year and a major breakout, or he is one of the rare outliers who will continue to struggle with men on base. Obviously, my money is on the former. For those curious, I am projecting a 3.71 ERA and 1.26 WHIP with a 9.6 K/9 over 190 innings. That ERA is right around the Steamer (again!) and Bill James projections, so another good reality check that I’m not totally insane. The WHIP is lower than all the projections because they are all projecting a BABIP of at least .311. That makes absolutely no sense to me though since his BABIP last year was .299 and for his career right at .300.

Prospect Instinct 2012 | Mason Williams, OF New York Yankees | Baseball Instinct - Do You Have It?

When the Yankees were going after elite SP's last year, Mason Williams was the player that Brian Cashman would not add to a Jesus Montero package. Some might find these stories over blown, but what we DO know is that the Yankees brass love this kid. I am looking for Williams to skyrocket up the top 100 lists this year.... Kieth Law already loves him, I am expecting others to follow suit...

All of the refinements needed in Williams game are workable and he is still very young with the time on his side to get the needed refinements completed. If all breaks right he could be an above average offensive player capable of .300 AVG and 35+ SB seasons while playing a well above average CF. There is a significantly low floor here though, because of his lack of power and dependence on speed in his game. If he doesn’t remain a very high level contact bat he’s going to have a tough time as he moves up the ladder.

Tainted Youth: Can Justin Smoak Heat Up in 2012? | Rotoprofessor

Smoak did not show any growth in skills that would make me believe in a breakout coming. With his strong pedigree, he could fugure things out at any point, but I am placing my end game chips elsewhere this year.

However, as a gamble that will cost next to nothing, I’m willing to take one more shot on Smoak in a deeper league. Most projections don’t forecast much of an improvement, expecting him to hit around .240 with 15-20 home runs. He may not light up the league, but Smoak is still capable of hitting .260 with 25 homers and around 75 RBIs and runs. At the ripe old age of 25, Smoak could end up being a late round steal this time around.

How Jason Motte Can Excel as a Closer | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Solid skill set here. Motte is a solid tier two closer. Invest with confidence.

Even if Motte keeps the cutter intact against lefties, he is still a solid closer to add. With steadily increasing performances and a manager who is not La Russa, he should be able to man the ninth inning for the entirety of the season. While we do not yet know how Matheny will handle relievers, it is hard to imagine him being as difficult as La Russa has been over the years. Draft Motte with the intention of him being a solid closer with an ERA below 3.00, but follow him closely to see how he attacks left-handed hitters and you may end up with one of the top back-end relievers in baseball.

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