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2012 LABR NL-Only Draft Results

The League of Alternative Reality NL-Only auction draft is taking place right now, and you can find the up to the minute results here.

Here are some early auction results:

Joey Votto - $40

Matt Kemp - $40

Ryan Braun - $38

Giancarlo Stanton -$33

Hanley Ramirez - $34

Ryan Howard - $17

Michael Cuddyer - $27

Jason Heyward - $25

Bryce Harper - $8

Dee Gordon - $24

Paul Goldschmidt - $22

Buster Posey - $19

Some starting pitcher auction values and my early thoughts after the jump:

Before I get to the starting pitcher auction values, Dodgers closer Javy Guerra went for $11, while set up man Kenley Jansen went for $13, so the experts are of the opinion that Jansen should wrestle the closer's job from Guerra at some point this season. Smart?

Starting pitcher auction values:

Roy Halladay - $28

Clayton Kershaw - $26

Zack Greinke - $26

Cliff Lee - $26

Tim Lincecum - $24

Yovani Gallardo - $23

Cole Hamels - $22

Stephen Strasburg - $22

I was surprised none of the ace starting pitchers went for $30. I thought for sure at least a Halladay, Kershaw or Lee would break the $30 barrier. Gallardo going for a dollar more than Hamels was a little surprising as well.

The biggest surprise for me was the $24 bid on Dodgers shortstop Dee Gordon. Many think he is a risk, but I do not, but I see the argument. But $24 for Gordon? Wow. I hope Yahoo's Brandon Funston is right about him. as he won the bidding on Gordon.