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Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire List and Pick-N-Roll

We got your lotto tickets right here! A lot of guys nobody expected to go off are red-hot properties in Waiver World. Friday night was insane, folks. If you went out and missed out on Friday's action, I'd highly suggest you listen to Pick-N-Roll from Friday night. Honestly, I have to wake up early on Saturday, but I had to stay up late to give you guys the info from one of the most important nights of the season.

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Don't forget that even though I'm ranking these guys, that at this point of the year, need can trump how I value them. Your format is also a factor, too. Duh.

Here's a list of players that gained value from Friday's action and are available in 50 percent of leagues.

1. Kevin Seraphin
2. J.J. Hickson (I love when the cover boys go off. Hickson had that honor on Tuesday)
3. Courtney Lee
4. Iman Shumpert
5. Brandon Rush
6. Randy Foye
7. Kenneth Faried
8. Bismack Biyombo
9. Alonzo Gee
10. O.J. Mayo
11. Tristan Thompson
12.Evan Turner
13. Alec Burks
14. Anthony Tolliver
15. Marcus Camby
16. Charles Jenkins
17. Jan Vesely
18. Austin Daye
19. Delonte West
20. Derrick Favors
21. Martell Webster
22. Byron Mullens
23. Gerald Green
24. J.R. Smith
25. Landry Fields
26. Marvin Williams
27. Reggie Williams
28. Cartier Martin
29. Earl Watson
30. Luke Babbitt
31. Corey Brewer
32. Dominic McGuire
33. Ekpe Udoh
34. Terrence Williams
35. Amir Johnson
36. Chase Budinger
37. Anthony Parker
38. Jeremy Tyler
39. Manny Harris
40. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
41. Lester Hudson
42. Willie Green
43. Damien Wilkins

Thanks for reading!