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Welcome Craig Brown to Fake Teams!

Please welcome Craig Brown as our new fantasy baseball writer here at Fake Teams. Prior to joining Fake Teams, Craig began his fantasy addiction in 1990, when he picked Bret Saberhagen in the first round of a 10 team AL only straight roto league. Of course, back then he had to use the Tuesday edition of USA Today to tabulate the standings. That sounds familiar. I did the same when I first started playing rotisserie baseball.

He started writing Royals Authority in 2005 and quickly picked up freelance work as the AL expert for Lawr Michaels Creative Sports website. Shortly after that, he signed on with John Burnson's Heater Magazine where he contributed for several years and won a CBS Sportsline Experts mixed league. Since then he has contributed to Rotoman's Fantasy Annual Magazine, The Graphical Player, The Hardball Times and most recently, Baseball Prospectus.

Craig will be writing once a week for now, and will eventually contribute twice per week down the road. You can read Craig's first article later today.

Please welcome Craig to the Fake Teams Community!!