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Tout Wars AL-Only Draft Results

Is Matt Moore worth $19 in an AL-Only league?
Is Matt Moore worth $19 in an AL-Only league?

UPDATE: here is a link to the auction results spreadsheet.

The Tout Wars AL-only auction draft is in progress and here is a link to a live chat where they are posting the auction prices for each player thrown out.

The Tout Wars Mixed league auction starts this afternoon at 3:!5 and the NL-only auction is tomorrow at 9am.

I will have some analysis on the AL-only league auction results later this evening. But so far, here are some of the players thrown out and their auction price:

Mattt Moore - $19

Prince Fielder - $30

Carlos Santana - $28

Miguel Cabrera - $39

Robinson Cano -$37

Jacoby Ellsbury - $37

Mark Teixeira -$29

More later.