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Fantasy Baseball 2012: Head to Head Points League Top 100 Rankings, & Position Rankings

Fake Teams fantasy baseball writer Kevin Boger has done a great job with the Head to Head Points league rankings, and this week he also published his Top 20 and Top 100 H2H Points League Rankings. Here are links to his Top 20 and Top 100 H2H Points League Rankings:

Head to Head Points League Rankings: 1 - 20

Head to Head Points League Rankings: 21 - 100

In case you missed his H2H Points League Position Rankings articles, here are links to all of his position rankings:

Points League Rankings

H2H Catcher Rankings/Profiles

H2H First Base Rankings/Profiles

H2H Second Base Rankings/Profiles

H2H Third Base Rankings/Profiles

H2H Shortstop Rankings/Profiles

H2H Outfielders 1-25 Rankings/Profiles

H2H Outfielders 26-50 Rankings/Profiles

H2H Outfielders 51-100 Rankings/Profiles

H2H Starting Pitchers 1-25 Rankings/Profiles

H2H Starting Pitchers 26-50 Rankings /Profiles

H2H Starting Pitchers 51-100 Rankings /Profiles

H2H Relief Pitchers 1-25 Rankings /Profiles

H2H Starting Pitchers 26-50 Rankings /Profiles

Kevin also wrote some H2H Point league draft strategy articles over the last week and here are links to them.

Draft Strategy

Point Differential

300 Point Hitters

Trading Strategy

Team Point Totals

H2H Points League Mock Draft Review

Notes on the rankings:

Strikeouts/injuries - Points league rankings have an increased focus on strikeouts, as each one costs a hitter anywhere from -.5 to -1 points, and on injuries and plate appearances. Essentially, the more a hitter strikes out, the more likely he is to rank lower in a points league and a player that misses weeks at a time or in constantly in and out of the lineup is not very valuable as each week in a points league is its own mini-season. Therefore, when a player like Nelson Cruz is out of your lineup for the entire month of June, your chances of winning those weeks takes a big hit.

OBP - Also, while a lot of roto leagues have made the switch from AVG to OBP or turned to a 6x6 to incorporate the stat, it isn’t always the case in standard scoring. In a points league, a BB is just as good as a single, making hitters with a keen eye at the plate even more valuable than they might be in a traditional 5x5 roto league.