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2012 Fantasy Baseball Head-to-Head Points League Rankings: Top 100

Earlier this week I published my Top 20 for 2012 H2H points league's and sometime next week I should have the Top 300 available for your reading pleasure, but first things first. Today I present to you my Top 100 for 2012.

The Top 100 is a compilation of my positional rankings, gut feelings and performance research for player's over the past two to three seasons.

You can read all my position-by position rankings at this convenient little link right here or you can ask questions in the comments below to get a better understanding for this list.

Either or both works.

I suggest both since in those rankings I provide a brief profile for each hitter and pitcher and some in-depth reasoning to their position in the rankings. For the list below, well, I don't do that ... so you should read both to get the full scope of each player's potential to score points and win you your H2H championship. Anyways, less ramblings and more rankings, am I right?

Top 100 H2H Points Rankings below.

2012 Fantasy Baseball H2H Points League Top 100:

21. Curtis Granderson OF

22. Prince Fielder 1B

Motown. Mo money. Less home runs.

23. CC Sabathia SP

24. Cole Hamels SP

25. Dan Haren SP


26. Hanley Ramirez SS

Should have 3B eligibility early into April.

27. Andrew McCutchen OF

28. Mark Teixeira 1B

29. Ben Zobrist 2B/OF


30. Adrian Beltre 3B

31. Shane Victorino OF

H2H Stud!

32. CJ Wilson SP

33. Zack Greinke SP

Cy Young season wouldn’t surprise me.

34. Hunter Pence OF

As consistent as they come.

35. Starlin Castro SS

36. Brandon Phillips 2B

30/30 days are behind him, but solid across the board.

37. Eric Hosmer 1B

38. David Wright 3B

39. Jered Weaver SP

40. David Price SP

Should return to the AL Cy Young discussions.

41. Paul Konerko 1B

42. Shin-Soo Choo OF

43. Josh Hamilton OF

A healthy Hamilton is a Top 20 scorer.

44. Ryan Zimmerman 3B

45. Dan Uggla 2B

46. Tim Lincecum SP

Trending in wrong direction.

47. Craig Kimbrel RP

Sixth highest scoring pitcher in H2H last season. The volatile nature of RP merits this low of a rank. Could be a Top 15 scorer with anything close to a repeat of last season.

48. Alex Gordon OF

49. Michael Young 1B/2B/3B

Love the lineup, durability and eligibility.

50. Brett Lawrie 3B

Believe the hype.

51. Ian Kennedy SP

21 wins is not happening again.

52. Matt Cain SP
53. Lance Berkman 1B/OF

54. Carlos Santana C/1B

First catcher off the board. His everyday presence in the lineup definitely gives you an edge in H2H scoring.

55. David Ortiz DH

Flexibility is terrible, but the points are worth it.

56. Felix Hernandez SP

It’s not only the fact that he doesn’t often get the 7 points for a win. It’s the fact that he often does get the -5 for a loss.

57. Asdrubal Cabrera SS

58. Ichiro Suzuki OF

59. Billy Butler 1B

H2H Stud!

60. John Axford RP

61. Yovani Gallardo SP

62. Jon Lester SP

63. Elvis Andrus SS

Trending in the right direction.

64. Pablo Sandoval 1B/3B

65. Matt Holliday OF

66. Nick Markakis OF

H2H Stud! Yes, he is ranked ahead of Mike Stanton.

67. James Shields SP

68. Aramis Ramirez 3B

Miller Park could due wonders for his early season struggles.

69. Ricky Romero SP

70. Jimmy Rollins SS

71. Desmond Jennings OF

Not sure if I believe the hype or not but the potential for points is there.

72. Alex Rodriguez 3B

73. Jay Bruce OF

74. Rickie Weeks 2B

Plan on drafting a solid backup.

75. Michael Bourn OF

76. Carlos Lee 1B/OF

H2H Stud!

77. Daniel Hudson SP

78. Chase Utley 2B

See Weeks, Rickie.

79. Madison Bumgarner SP

Everyone’s excited about this kid. His reliance on the slider scares me a little.

80. Mike Stanton OF

Odds are he will be drafted way before this point, which is good for you.

81. Kevin Youkilis 3B

82. Jonathan Papelbon RP

83. Adam Jones OF

Could provide Andrew McCutchen stats for much cheaper.

84. Michael Pineda SP

Fly ball pitcher in the most HR friendly stadium. The potential for points via wins is certainly there, but count me out this season.

85. Gaby Sanchez 1B

Boring, but points are points.

86. Alexei Ramirez SS

87. Erik Aybar SS

88. Ike Davis 1B

Power should be there. The question is what the BA will look like.

89. Michael Morse 1B/OF

90. Yu Darvish SP

This might be high or it might be low. Either way, he should get plenty of run support from the highest scoring offense in baseball last season (in terms of points).

91. Josh Beckett SP

92. Michael Cuddyer 2B/1B/OF

93. Stephen Strasburg SP

Remember, he won’t be there for you when your playoffs start but he could be a key piece in getting you there.

94. Mike Napoli C/1B

95. Logan Morrison OF

I’m high on Morrison this year.

96. Drew Storen RP

97. Chris Young OF

98. BJ Upton OF

99. Chris Carpenter SP

100. Nick Swisher OF

Feel free to comment on this list, my Top 20, my positional rankings or ask any other questions as they relate to H2H points leagues below.