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Fantasy Basketball: All Questions Answered and Lin Team Names Thread

Many of you guys know that I'm driving the Lin bandwagon and have been saying he has been a pickup since the first half of Saturday's game on my Twitter feed (I'm probably going to be bragging about this for quite some time). Some people might be sick of the Linsanity or saying things like Linconceivable, the Linternet, balLin' and about a thousand other things. Not me though. So on top of the All Questions Answered Thread today, I'd like to invite you guys to throw out some fantasy team names involving Lin.

As for the questions, it's anything goes. Trade props, add/drops, pointers, or anything you want. Just remember the more detailed question you give, the better answer you'll get.

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Oh and we're going to Pick-N-Roll tonight after the games! Join us!

Fire away