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Live Blogging Mixed League Mock Draft: CARS Plan

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I just joined a mixed league mock draft over at Mock Draft Central, and will be live blogging my picks. The draft begins at 11:45pm EST, so I may not last for the whole mock, but I want to see how the CARS Plan would work in a mixed league.

I have the first pick in this mock draft, so I can write in who I will be choosing now:

R1: Matt Kemp, LAD

Kemp is a 5 category guy, and should have a very good shot at another 30-30 season in 2012. He hits for power, but also scores runs and hits for a solid BA.

R2: Cliff Lee, PHI

R3: Felix Hernandez, SEA

Roy Halladay and Clayton Kershaw were already taken, so I grabbed Lee and Felix here. I thought about taking Lincecum, but like Hernandez more.

The rest of my picks after the jump:

R4: Michael Bourn, ATL

R5: Alex Gordon. KC

I think Gordon can repeat his breakout 2011 season and could steal 20 bags as well. He scored over 100 runs last season and will be leading off for the improving Royals lineup.

I didn't want to take Bourn this early, but he will probably lead the majors in steals, scores 90+ runs, and he hit .290+ last year as well.

Thinking about taking another starter with one of the my next two picks.

R6: Madison Bumgarner, SFG

R7: Jimmy Rollins, PHI

Yeah, Rollins is a bit of a reach, but he should score runs, and steal around 30 bases this season. MadBum was the best starter left, although I did think about Mat Latos and Yu Darvish. Targeting Darvish or Matt Moore in the 8th.

R8: Yu Darvish, TEX

R9: John Axford, MIL

I got my guy Darvish here, and had to take Axford because closers started rolling off the board. I like my staff so far, and will no target a first baseman and outfielder in the next two rounds. Targeting Lance Berkman in the 10th.

That was wishful thinking. Berkman went right after I took Axford.

R10: Billy Butler, KC

R11: Nick Markakis, BAL

I took two hitters who will hit in the .280-.290 range with double digit home runs, with Markakis tossing in around 10-15 stolen bases to boot.

R12: Neil Walker, PIT

R13: J.J. Putz, ARI

I thought about taking Dustin Ackley instead of Walker here, but I worry about how many runs Ackley will score in 2012. Walker scored 70+ runs with 9 stolen bases, so they are pretty similar in value for me. I then grabbed my second closer with Putz. Reds closer Ryan Madson was still available, but chose Putz due to his experience.

Ackley went 10 picks after I chose Walker, so I feel pretty good grabbing one of these two. Walker won't kill me in any category.

R14: David Freese, STL

R15: Jaime Garcia, STL

That's right. Two Cardinals in a row. Not happy having to take Freese as my third baseman, but I think he can hit for a decent average when healthy. I like Garcia in the 15th though. 13 wins and a mid 3 ERA in the 15th? Sign me up.

R16: Wilson Ramos, WAS

R17: Jeff Franceour, KC

I had Yadier Molina all queued up as my catcher in the 16th, and he was taken a pick before mine. I do like Ramos though, and think he can raise his BA a little bit into the .270 range. There were plenty of other outfielders available, but I chose Franceour with the hope that he can repeat his 2011 season where he hit .280+ with 20+ stolen bases.

Targeting more pitching in the 18th.

I decided to switch things up and grabbed two more hitters in the 18th and 19th.

R18: Lucas Duda, NYM

R19: Mike Trout, LAA

I reached a bit with Trout, but I see him in the big leagues sometime in May and think he can perform better than his 2011 cup of coffee. I grabbed Duda in the 18th as he shouldn't hurt me in any category but stolen bases. I can see him going 25-85-.280 this season.

R20: Tyler Clippard, WAS

R21: Jose Tabata, PIT

I grabbed Clippard as he is probably one of the best set up men in the game, and he struck out over 100 batters last season. Tabata should improve upon his injury filled 2011 season, and I can see 30 stolen bases with a .285ish batting average this season.

R22: Dexter Fowler, COL

R23: Ted Lilly, LAD

I was tired. It's 1:20am and I've been up since 6am. Fowler had an excellent second half last season after another stint in AAA, so he might be a breakout candidate in 2012. I grabbed Lilly for his strikeouts and that is all. I do think he can improve upon his 2011 stats though.

So how does the CARS Plan look for a mixed league?