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Roto Hardball Merging with Fake Teams

SB Nation's fantasy baseball site, Roto Hardball, will be merging with Fake Teams effective today. What this means for Fake Teams and its readers is that we are adding four excellent fantasy baseball writers to add to the already excellent coverage here at Fake Teams.

The writers who will be joining us are:

Marc Normandin - he co-manages Over the Monster, SB Nation's Red Sox site, and writes for Baseball Nation as well. Marc will be writing 3-4 articles per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Todd McMacken - in addition to writing for Roto Hardball, Todd previously wrote for Scouting the Sally with Mike Newman. Todd will cover prospects on Tuesdays and pitchers on Thursdays.

Michael Barr - he also writes for Rotographs and will be covering pitchers on Wednesdays.

Bret Sayre - Brett will be covering middle infielders in his Double Play Depth article on Tuesdays and will take a medium term look at pitchers schedules over their next 4-6 starts in his Ahead of the Curve article on Fridays.

Please welcome Marc, Todd, Michael and Bret to Fake Teams. As you can see, we will be providing more fantasy baseball coverage than ever before, and we are here to help you win your leagues in 2012.

What? You only play in one league? You need to play in more, man.