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Super Bowl Salary Cap Game

There are so bets that can be made on Super Bowl Sunday that we've all come to grow and love. Fantasy? Not so much. Well, let's try to change that this year by starting the Super Bowl Salary Cap Game

While the fantasy draft is one of my favorite activities, it obviously can't be utilized when there's only a single game on the docket. Many of you may be familiar with how Salary Cap works, but for those that don't let me just address it really quick:

Each team gets 100 salary-cap dollars to spend on their team among the players listed below. Another important factor is that multiple teams can have the same players (unlike normal fantasy drafts). While it's easy to pick out your big-money guys, the difference is in buying the cheaper guys that you think might blow up. For example, Rob Gronkowski is going to cost a pretty penny, but it might make more fiscal sense to grab Jake Ballard and spend your money elsewhere. Basically each team should spend 100 "dollars" to give him/herself the best chance to win. Obviously you don't have to spend $100 for each person and doing the buy-in for just $5, $10 or $20 might make it interesting enough.

As for the scoring, since you would have to do the adding on your own, it's all about being simple. Here's the scoring format:

Passing yards= 25yards/pt

Rushing/receiving yards=10yards/pt

All TDs= 6 pts

Simple, right?

OK. Let's look at the prices and rosters:

Basically just print what is below and make sure the person in charge has every team documented to make sure there's no funny business. You also HAVE to fill your roster. Here are the rosters:















Tom Brady $52

Eli Manning $46

Running Back

Ahmad Bradshaw $17

BenJarvus Green-Ellis $13

Brandon Jacobs $10

Danny Woodhead $7

Stevan Ridley $3

D.J. Ware $3

Henry Hynoski $1

Lousaka Polite $1

Da'Rel Scott $1

Wide Receiver

Hakeem Nicks $24

Wes Welker $22

Victor Cruz $21

Mario Manningham $9

Deion Branch $7

Julian Edelman $6

Chad Ochocinco $5

Devin Thomas $2

Jerrel Jernigan $1

Ramses Barden $1

Matt Slater $1

Tiquan Underwood $1 (kidding)

Tight End

Rob Gronkowski $23

Aaron Hernandez $21

Jake Ballard $11

Travis Beckum $5

Bear Pascoe $4

Good luck!