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Fantasy Baseball 2012: Early Position Rankings

Reposting our Early 2012 Position Rankings, along with a link to Robert's spreadsheet summarizing all of our rankings to date.

If you are looking for fantasy baseball rankings, you have come to the right site. The fantasy baseball writers here at Fake Teams have completed our Mixed League, AL-Only, NL-Only, and Head to Head Points league rankings for 2012.

In the coming weeks, we will be updating our mixed league rankings to get you prepared for you league drafts.

Kevin Boger has been publishing some draft strategy articles Head to Head Points leagues over the last week, and I will be taking a stab at writing about a few strategies I have employed to win some leagues over the last few years.

So here are links to all of our Early Position Rankings for 2012, along with a spreadsheet that consolidates all of our rankings. Thanks to Robert for consolidating all of our rankings.

Fake Teams Rankings Spreadsheet

Overall Rankings

Catcher: Initial, In-Depth with Profiles

First Base: Initial, In-Depth with Profiles

Second Base: Initial, In-Depth with Profiles

Third Base: Initial, In-Depth with Profiles

Shortstop: Initial, In-Depth with Profiles

Outfield: Initial, In-Depth with Profiles: #1 | #2

Starting Pitchers: Initial, In-Depth with Profiles: #1 | #2

Relief Pitchers: Initial, In-Dept with Profiles: #1| #2

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