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Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Scoops From Tuesday and Pick-N-Roll

Tristan Thompson went from a Rising Star this weekend to a guy that could be a rising star on your fantasy team.
Tristan Thompson went from a Rising Star this weekend to a guy that could be a rising star on your fantasy team.

What a great feeling it was to have the NBA back. It felt like making up with a girlfriend or like having a good home-cooked meal that's been out of your diet for a while or like that first hit of crack in five days. We covered all the angles in Pick-N-Roll by going over which players gained value for standard and deeper leagues last night. For your convenience, they are listed below with the most valuable guys at the top and players that are more meant for the watch list on the bottom.

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Drew Gooden (MIL)- Yes, he hurt his back. He still needs to be owned in every league after his 15 points, 10 boards, three steals and two blocks on Tuesday.

James Johnson (TOR)- He should be owned in every league (16 points, eight boards, three steals and a block last night). This is a recording.

Jordan Crawford (WAS)- Nick Young got benched in the second half and Crawford balled out big time once again with 19 points, three bombs and a steal in 28 minutes following his 32-point outburst before the break. He is extremely streaky, so his owners in deeper leagues that have enjoyed the ride might consider trading him.

Tristan Thompson (CLE)- Thompson came into the break cold (as discussed in the preview), but he started off the second half with a bang. That bang included 13 points, 10 boards and two blocks. It's not easy to add big men in some leagues and Thompson has nice upside.

The rest of the players that might be worthy of an add and Pick-N-Roll after the jump:

Devin Harris (UTA)

Michael Beasley (MIN)

Anthony Morrow (NJN)

Carlos Delfino (MIL)

Derrick Williams (MIN)- 27 points and has ridiculous upside in the event Beasley gets dealt. Kevin Love hurt his ribs, but it's minor and should not be a factor in calculating D-Will's value.

Brandon Bass (BOS)- Bass came out strong in his return from his knee injury with 12 points, seven boards, two steals and a block in 35 minutes. The Celtics have a great schedule and Bass should be a nice reliable source for some points, boards and moderate D.

Gustavo Ayon (NOH)- Okafor, Smith and Landry are all out for Wednesday. Expect Ayon to fare better than Tuesday's five-point, four-board outing. Three blocks and two steals is solid though.

Randy Foye (LAC)

Amir Johnson (TOR)- You might be surprised that Amir has played in 28 MPG in his last eight games. He logged 29 minutes and he has shown he can put up numbers with Bargnani over the past couple seasons.

Trevor Booker (WAS)

Ramon Sessions (CLE)- Personally, I'm lower on Sessions on this list than this position indicates. However, he probably has a higher perceived trade value for your league.

Ben Gordon (DET)- Gordon sucked the husky one last night by only converting 1-of-10 from the line. Despite the troubles, he played 26 minutes, which is mildly encouraging since he only played 18 minutes his last time out. Things should turn around for him in a short amount of time.

Derrick Favors (UTA)- Paul Millsap has a heel injury and is likely day-to-day. Sapper is one of the toughest guys in the league and it would be a shock for him to miss several games. Favors is more of a stop-gap guy at this point.

Mike Dunleavy (MIL)- Wowzers. 28 points including five threes is a nice way to return from injury. He has been a flash in the pan before and he's not a guy that most standard-league owners should grab.

Josh Howard (UTA)

Greivis Vasquez (NOH)- Vasquez lost value again and I stuck him on here as a barometer for his value. This is the third time I've mentioned him falling off in the past week and I'm starting to feel confident about it.

Ed Davis (TOR)- Amir is the preferred guy to own, but he did grab 15 boards last night.

Chandler Parsons (HOU)

Brandon Rush (GSW)- Rush has put up some nice numbers with Curry out of the lineup and he did just that with 14 points, four boards, two threes and a steal in 35 minutes. Rush has pretty much outplayed Dorell Wright all year and someone could make a case he has more value than Wright. I'm not that guy though.

Gordon Hayward (UTA)

Nate Robinson (GSW)

Klay Thompson (GSW)

Rip Hamilton (CHI)

Nikola Vucevic (PHI)- A little disappointing with six points, five boards and two blocks. He's a rookie and he has upside. Two things that should peak a fantasy owner's interest. He did gain some value because he logged 24 minutes.

Leandro Barbosa (TOR)

Ekpe Udoh (GSW)

Gerald Green (NJN)- #Greensanity had 10 points and two threes. Maybe the Nets use him to sell tickets and get the fans excited like Lin. It's possible, right?

Chris Singleton (WAS)- 16 points, six boards, a steal, two blocks and two threes is a monster line for a guy of his caliber. 40 minutes, too. He's on the watch list, but keep in mind this was kind of a perfect storm for him with Lewis and Blatche hurt, Vesely struggling, and Nick Young and JaVale McGee being benched.

Tyler Hansbrough (IND)

Tobias Harris (MIL)- If Gooden is out, he might heat up. The Volunteer had an 11-7 in 21 minutes last night. Some nice casino numbers right there for the big Buck.

Alec Burks (UTA)- I'm rooting for this kid big time.

Brendan Haywood (DAL)

Chris Wilcox (BOS)

Beno Udrih (MIL)- B-Jen's handcuff.

George Hill (IND)- I think we can close the book on Hill possibly leapfrogging Collison. Even if he could, there's not a lot of upside since the other Pacer play makers can create their own opportunities.

Xavier Henry (NOH)- Hey, maybe he gets it going. 12 points on Tuesday and was able to get to the charity stripe seven times..

Jason Maxiell (DET)- Jonas only played five minutes and Max has logged 23.4 MPG in his last five. Very little upside though.

Thanks for reading and Pick-N-Roll is below!

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