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Brett Myers Becomes Sort of Relevant

Well today the Astro's made a fantasy relevant announcement. Brett Myers will be the team's closer. So now they have maybe 4 guys that should be drafted from their entire roster. This may sound all fine and dandy but how many games will the 'Stros actually have to close. His lone year in the closer's role was in 2007 for the Phillies. He saved 21 games and posted similar peripheral numbers to all his other career stats. The only reason he is actually rosterable now is because we all chase saves like it's the last box of wine on the shelf. So temper expectations as I don't see Houston winning 65 games this year. So the save chances will be few and far between. For me in the Relief Pitcher rankings based on saves, he is clearly in the bottom 3. Nestled firmly between Matt Capps and whomever is garnering save chances in Oakland. So rosterable yes. Overdraftable definitely not. He should be picked after some of the top Middle relief guys in my opinion, as saves are only category and he abuses the others. Guys that had high hopes for David Carpenter and Juan Abreu you will have to wait until Myers derails.