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2012 Fantasy Baseball Head-to-Head Points League Rankings: Top 20

Due to popular demand, well, one person asked for it ... I've compiled a list of my Top 20 overall players for 2012 fantasy baseball head-to-head (H2H) points leagues. I'll be following this Top 20 list with a Top 100 later in the week followed by a Top 300 sometime shortly after as I've not found one internet source providing such a list.

If you'd like to see some of my reasoning for this list, you can read all my position-by position rankings at this convenient little link right here or you can ask questions in the comments below.

Either or both works.

I suggest both since in those rankings I provide a brief profile for each hitter and pitcher and some in-depth reasoning to their position in the rankings. For the list below, well, I don't do that ... so you should read both to get the full scope of each player's potential to score points and win you your H2H championship. Anyways, less ramblings and more rankings, am I right?

Top 20 H2H Points Rankings below.

2012 Fantasy Baseball H2H Points League's Top 20:

1. Miguel Cabrera 1B

Like Cabrera at first base. Love Cabrera at third base.

2. Albert Pujols 1B

Consider the torch passed.

3. Jose Bautista 3B/OF

4. Clayton Kershaw SP

Premiere pitchers = Premiere points

5. Troy Tulowitzki SS

6. Jacoby Ellsbury OF

With or without 30 HR, Ellsbury is an elite scoring option.

7. Justin Verlander SP

8. Roy Halladay SP

9. Ryan Braun OF

Hell hath no fury like a slugger’s scorn. Ryan Braun is a man on mission with MVP talent. Watch out NL pitchers. Watch out.

10. Adrian Gonzalez 1B

11. Joey Votto 1B

12. Matt Kemp OF

Another year like 2011 and Matt Kemp could find himself in the Top 5.

13. Robinson Cano 2B

14. Cliff Lee SP

15. Dustin Pedroia 2B

16. Evan Longoria 3B

19. Justin Upton OF

18. Jose Reyes SS

Could lead shortstops in scoring with a healthy season.

19. Carlos Gonzalez OF

20. Ian Kinsler 2B

Could lead second basemen in scoring with a healthy season.

Please comment on these rankings or past position rankings or dish out your questions, quandaries and conundrums surrounding your H2H points league below. Tune in later this week for the 2012 Top 100.