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Fake Teams Writers League Mock Draft Results

"Matt, Ray picked both of us in his mock last night, bro!"
"Wtf is Ray?"
"Matt, Ray picked both of us in his mock last night, bro!" "Wtf is Ray?"

Last night, a bunch of Fake Teams writers got together for a 5 x 5 Mixed League Mock Draft over at Mock Draft Central. The Fake Teams writers who participated included:







Rob (aka smokeymcpots)



We had a few guys who couldn't make the draft for one reason or another, no big deal really, so the remaining 3 spots were filled by one of Rob's friends and two auto drafters.

My draft results follow after the jump:

I had the first pick in the mock draft, so it was no surprise that I took Matt Kemp with the first overall pick. Here are the rest of my picks:

R1 - Matt Kemp, LAD

R2 - Felix Hernandez, SEA

R3 - Andrew McCutchen, PIT

R4 - Ryan Zimmerman, WAS

R5 - Dan Uggla, ATL

R6 - Michael Morse, WAS

R7 - Shin-Soo Choo, CLE (damn autodraft pick)

R8 - Dan Hudson, ARI

R9 - Josh Beckett, BOS

R10 - Chris Young, ARI

R11 - Dee Gordon, LAD

R12 - Ervin Santana, LAA

R13 - Nick Markakis, BAL

R14 - Huston Street, SD

R15 - Brandon League, SEA

R16 - Gaby Sanchez, MIA

R17 - Geovany Soto, CHC

R18 - Justin Smoak, SEA

R19 - Jose Altuve, HOU

R20 - R.A. Dickey, NYM

R21 - Justin Masterson, CLE

R22 - Ramon Hernandez, COL

R23 - Colby Lewis, TEX

A few thoughts on the draft results:

  • After the 6th or 7th round, the upper tier hitters were gone, as were all the ace starting pitchers.
  • There were 16 starting pitchers taken in the first 5 rounds, with Stephen Strasburg coming off the board early in the 3rd round, ahead of Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum. So roughly 25% of the first 60 picks were ace starting pitchers. Like I said, ace starters are the new power hitters.
  • Apparently, Mike Stanton is not overrated as he was taken in the middle of the second round. I would have taken him had he fallen to 24.
  • The uber-hyped Brett Lawrie was taken with the 8th pick in the third round. I like Lawrie and if he was available in the 4th round, I would have had a tough decision to make between he and Ryan Zimmerman.
  • The soon to be suspended Ryan Braun was taken with the 36th overall pick in the draft, the last pick in the third round. I think that is about right for Braun, even missing 50 games. Nevertheless, it was made by an auto drafter, so I am not sure how far he would have fallen from here.
  • Matt Wieters, who I love this year, was selected with the 9th pick in the 4th round, and he was the third overall catcher chosen, behind Mike Napoli and Carlos Santana. Oye como va.
  • Elvis Andrus was the 11th pick in the 3rd round. As a Dodgers fan, I drafted Dee Gordon in the 11th round, and I think I got the same player as Andrus 8 rounds later.
  • Desmond Jennings was taken with the 9th pick in the 5th round, ahead of Alex Gordon, Shane Victorino and teammate B.J. Upton.
  • Eric Hosmer lasted till early in the 6th round, which is a little surprising to me as I think he will outperform guys like Jennings, Pablo Sandoval and Paul Konerko who were taken before him.
  • Alex Rodriguez lasted until the 5th pick in the 7th round. Sounds about right for him.
  • Yu Darvish lasted till late in the 8th round, with Craig stealing him from me!!
  • Some nice value picks in the 9th round were Lance Berkman and Kevin Youkilis, with Andre Ethier and David Ortiz taken in the 11th.
  • Former Yankee Jesus Montero lasted until the 11th round as well,.....bad miss my me.
  • I am not sure I like being slotted with the first pick in a mixed league draft. I would prefer picking early in an NL-only league draft.
  • I waited on closers and catchers, as you can see who I was stuck with later in the draft.
  • I waited on starting pitching as well, but kinda like my staff. Don't love them, but they are decent.
Let me know your thoughts on my draft results. We will probably do this again in the next few weeks, and Rob mentioned he could get some of the guys from Razzball involved for one as well.