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More Bold Predictions: ESPN's David Shoenfield

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David Schoenfield from ESPN published his 2012 Bold Predictions article yesterday and here are a few of them:

St. Louis Cardinals: Carlos Beltran outproduces Albert Pujols from last year.Albert Pujols was great last year, but not quite best-player-of-his-generation Albert Pujols. If healthy, it's not absurd to think of Beltran outproducing Pujols' 5.1 WAR in 2011.

Beltran outproduces the 2011 version of Pujols? Blasphemy!!!

Los Angeles Dodgers: James Loney will be a top-three first baseman in the National League.Many thanks to Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness for somewhat alerting us to this one. We just decided to take it semi-absurdly far.

This Dodgers fan only wishes this turns out to be true.

Seattle Mariners: Jesus Montero catches 100-plus games. The Mariners probably aren't going to compete, so why not try and play him where he'll accrue the most value?

Montero catches 100+ games? THAT is bold. King Felix just ordered a bottle of whiskey for each of his starts.

Here is a link to my BOLD predictions back in January. Check out the rest of David's bold predictions in the link above.